Plastic Recycling & Material Processing Machinery

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Pellets Cooling、Selecting、Collecting Unit

Category : Plastic Pelletizer Machines

This unit include Pellets Cooling, Selecting and Collecting after the pellets cutting from Extruder.Details

Gravimetric Auto Dosing & Mixing System (ADMG)

Category : Mixers and Blenders

COST SAVE: ADMG can measure powder resin, granule resin, master-batch, or additive precisely.

EASY OPERATE: By entering the percentage of each batch and supply value to operate effe...Details


Category : Mixers and Blenders

For Rubber、Plastic & Chemical Mixing/Sheeting
This machine is suitable for mixing rubber, synthetic rubber, E.V.A. or PVC and various kind chemical material or sheeting for Extruder, Calend...Details

Two in One Twin-Screw Pre-forming Machine

Category : Plastic Pelletizer Machines

Pre-forming for Rubber, Plastic & Chemical Industries

his new model TAPER TWIN-SCREW SHEETS PREFORMING MACHINE usage for the rubber compound mixing after DISPERSION KNEADER conveying...Details

Super Mixer

Category : Mixers and Blenders

Our company has designed & produced two model mixer-

KCA: Adopts fixed rev. speed motor drive which suitable for general material mixing.

KCB: Adopts pole change 2 ste...Details

PVC Label Scrapping Machine

Category : Plastic Waste Recycling Machines

Patented label scrapping machine blade and bolt has the feature of long service life, high efficiency of label separationrate and low bottle damage.The general separationrate is over 90% and bottle...Details

Side Entrance Two Stages Spaghetti Cutting Recycling & Pelletizing Machine

Category : Plastic Pelletizer Machines

Big material storage barrel sustains stability during material input.
User-friendly machine enables to reach high productivity standards.
Feeding production is more stable than tradit...Details

Air Cooled Plastic Recycling Machine: RP

Category : Granulators

● Air cooled type designed for HDPE and LDPE in-house film waste 
● Most suitable for small and mid-sized blown film manufacturers and factories to recycle their own plastic waste Details

PVC High Speed Mixer & Cooling Blender

Category : Mixers and Blenders

●No powder dust-leakage problem 

●Doesn't need to move material, saving labor and time. 

●Pole-changed motor 

●Easy clea...Details

Force Hopper Feeding Plastic Recycling Machine (H Series)

Category : Plastic Pelletizer Machines

Economically Selection
A valuable selection for clean materials, without pre-heating section for feeding device, this reduces the power consumption. The axle made by special steel with heat ...Details

Two Stage Cutter Compactor Plastic Recycling Machine (KRIEGERi Series)

Category :

Compacting & feeding
The high speed compactor creates superior efficiency friction heat to compact the fluffy materials. Removed moisture during processed. Increase the highest throughputs f...Details


Category : Plastic Crushers


PVC Plastic Pellet Making Machine

Category : Plastic Pelletizer Machines

Suitable for:PVC compound, rigid PVC, rigid waste recycle
Soft PVC:DOP40%~100%Details


Category : Plastic Pelletizer Machines


Powerful Crusher

Category : Plastic Washing Line

This plastic crusher is specially designed for crushing PP/HDPE film, dirty woven bags, used woven bags, PP/HDPE flat yarn to convert into pellets.Details

Automatic Strand Pelletizing System

Category :

Born For Extreme Automation
The molten polymer been extruder from the die, fall into automatic water flow. High-pressure water flow from a special designed spray nozzle pulls the strands imm...Details

Reclaim Extrusion RP Series

Category : Plastic Waste Recycling Machines