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To Valued customers, Agents, Suppliers, Competitors and to Whom it may concern,

By the time we are expecting 2020, the year of Rat, let us introduce you the mascot of JANDI’S, a little and friendly mouse, Magic.

Magic” is to remind us to care more about CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), such as to help our community, to develop Eco-Friendly Equipment, to provide solutions for Reusable, Recycling & Circular Economy.

Also, very importantly, Magic asks us to cheer up ourselves and people around us, also tells us to live happily and be pleasant at work.

The word “wizard” means a man who has magic powers, and also means that someone who is very good at something. Ji on the hat of wizard Magic indicates that innovation and IT (Information Technology) are motivating a group of experienced professionals at JANDI’S company.

Modification, improvement, innovation, education and some action are required in the plastic industry. There are a lot of companies are working on bio-degradable and compostable material and producing their final products. And, many others are working on the collecting, recycling and Circular Economy. JANDI’S, as part of the plastic industry, also as the citizen of the world, we do care about the environment and sustainability.

JANDI’S JIT Bio-Degradable Bag Making Line, takes less space and uses less number of labors, and saves 12% material in production, offering a greener way to produce carrier bags.

Remark : “MAGIC JANDI’S” & the image of Magic are JANDI’S registering trade marks.

We wish you all the best

Sincerely Yours,

JANDI’S Industrial Co., Ltd.

Ivy I.C. Chang / President, Dec. 20, 2019

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Contact person: Mr. Huang
Country: Taiwan
Address: No. 46-1, Chung-Shan Road, Min-Hsiung Industrial District, 621 Chia-Yi Hsien, Taiwan.
Telephone: 886-5-220-0506
Fax: 886-5-220-1955

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