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Shrink Label Re-reeling and Doctoring Machine-FSP Series

Category : Labeling Machines

Efficient operation for inspect the shrink label center gluing quality.
Shrink Label printing and surface inspection.
The FSP Re-reeling and Doctoring Machine provides outstanding per...Details

Perforation Machine(YSW-DC)

Category : Hydraulic Punching Machines

• It is equipped with slitting knife can do in-line slitting.
• Using Human machine interface control system.Details

Re-reeling & Doctor Machine H300/H400/H500

Category : Shrink Sleeve Machinery

-Stable and heavy-duty frame for vibration-free high speed operation .
- Reverse running function can be provided upon request. It is with a memory function to automatically reverse to a def...Details


Category : Foaming Machinery

Automatic justitying tension control system.
This system aim to a design for winding materials, thus making receipt control more steady and smooth.
Excellent and stable bottomdead cen...Details

Bale Wrap Net Raschel Machine

Category : Industrial Knitting Machines

Bale Wrap Net Raschel Machine

The machine working width 210 inches(5334mm)
Machine gauges: E6/6(1 needle per 25.4mm)
Knitting elements: single needle bar, knoc...Details

2 Lines Heat Cutting T-shirt Bag Making Machine With Auto Packing Device Model: CW-800ATP-SV/ CW-1000ATP-SV

Category : Plastic Bag Making Machines

Fully Automatic Super High Speed 2 Lines T-Shirt Bag Making Machine by Double Servo Motors Control With Auto Packing Device
‧ In-line auto-packing machine, reducing number of employees.

Flower sleeves making machine

Category : Bag Making Machine by Applications

* Adjustable slant sealing blades - weld & cut simulatneously against silicon belt. Sealing blade angles and distances are adjustable based on specifications. Cuts 2 bag in 1 stroke.
* Cold ...Details

Seaming Machine SEAM-350D-UHS

Category : Shrink Sleeve Machinery

- Adjustable forming plate
- Unwind perforation capabilityDetails

Labeling Machine

Category : Labeling Machines

-Registered & non-registered labeling on single side.
-Registered & non-registered labeling on both sides.
-Automatic tube feeding board.
-Automatic tube unloading by blowing s...Details


Category : Cutting Machines

Advanced & durable hydraulic circuit and steady electronic control system circuits adopted in the hydraulic system enable to achieve high operating performance.
4 steel posts design instead ...Details

Two Sealing Bag Making Machine (YSW-EM-2)

Category : Plastic Bag Making Machines

● for PP/PE material.
● Automatic folding devices to make two sides or three sides sealing bags.
● Driving system by servo motor.Details

Customized Flower sleeves

Category : Plastic Bag Making Machines

Synchronized Feeding and cutting speed : Inverter controlled feeding matching main machine speed for easy operation without manual adjustment.
German "Sick" photocell registration : Reliable...Details

Wrapping Book Cover Packing Machine

Category : Bag Making Machine by Applications

Wrapping Book Cover Packing MachineDetails

Wet Laminating Machine - FLM-WET

Category : Industrial Laminating / Coating Machines

Wet Laminating Machine Suitable for laminating all types of paper, film, and aluminum foil, such as, cigarette box wrapping, lunch and cake boxes, and etc..Details

Wrapping Machine

Category : Wrapping Equipment

Wei Meng Industrial Co., Ltd. is specialized in manufacturing wrapping machine for many years. Based on continuously research and development foundation, the latest models have been launched irregu...Details

Automatic Feeding And Partitioning Machine AFC-700

Category : Cutting Machines

Special feeder mechanism will not cause scrape or daamge to materials, to ensure 100% productivity of stisfactory products.
Feed length and feed speed can be programmed to suit different pro...Details


Category : Foaming Machinery

The Structure Of Press Body Is Made By Special Steel Shaped Materials That Features Pressure-Resistant Function To Maintain A Permanent Plane, With Its Integrated Shaping Of Punch And Slide To Full...Details

Pneumatic Punching Machine Model: CW-60~100

Category : Hydraulic Punching Machines

Manual punching machineDetails

Precision Hydraulic Double-Sided Auto Feed Cutter CSS-806

Category : Foaming Machinery

Both double-side and single-side operation, time and manpower saving, one machine for two purposes to give excellent effect of production.
Double-side pressure and touch-type electronic coun...Details

CWA+3F-SV Fully Automatic Bottom Sealing Bag Making Machine with 3 Folding Device by Servo Motors Control

Category : Plastic Bag Making Machines

Automatic Electronic High Speed Cutting & Sealing Machine with 3-Folding Device (Servo Motor Control)
‧ Number of sheets can be proceed and presented by auto digital counter.
‧ It sa...Details

Corrugated Medium Liner / Medium Fluiting / Test liner

Category : Cartoning Machines

- Our main products are Corrugated Medium Liner (GSM 112 to 150), Medium Fluiting (GSM
112 to 200) and Test liner (GSM 125 to 200).
- Main applications for manufacturing paper carto...Details

Interleaved Draw Tape Bag on Roll Converting System

Category : Plastic Bag Making Machines

High speed integrated servo-driven system, suitable for poly draw , and conventional garbage bags on roll.

Hot air sealing system for horizontal lip sealing ...Details