Air Bubble Film/Sheet Extruders

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2.5M wide 10-layer Co-Extrusion Air Bubble Film Extrusion Line

Category :

Various models to meet with your needs.
Sheet width from 1,200MM to 2,500MM, from 2 layers to 10 layers.
Tailored-made machine available.Details

PP Honeycomb Board Machine (YSW-FS)

Category : Bag Making Machine by Applications

Our design is human-based control. From raw material, forming till finish product collect are all made by machine, so operator only need to check the final product and alarm of machine when the ala...Details

Air Bubble Film Machine (YSW-T)

Category : Bag Making Machine by Applications

The air bubble film can be used as cushion envelope, heat-insulation cushion, packing cushion, anti-static air-bubble bag..etcDetails

Bubble Envelope Making Machine (YSW-KA-LM)

Category : Air Bubble Film/Sheet Extruders

●Working in conjunction with a lamination machine, this machine produces padded envelopes. 
●Optional devices such as twin-adhesive tape laminator, punch and auto-collecting device are avail...Details