Extruders and Extrusion Lines

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Calender for Rubber/Plastic

Category : Calendering Machines / Mixing Mills

Sheeting for Rubber、Plastic & Chemical Industries

This machine is used for sheeting produce for Rubber, E.V.A. or PVC and various kinds chemical material.Details


Category : Blown Film Extruders

PVA base water soluble, compostable and biodegradable eco-friendly materialDetails

T-Shirt Bag Making Machine - QTC-850S2

Category : Plastic Bag Making Machines

● Two line, Two Servo, Punching
● Capacity: 320 cut / mintue
● Line Speed: 150 M/MinuteDetails


Category : Blown Film Extruders

Each blown film machine is equipped with an electronic length counter and an accumulated time meter. In addition, all main output shafts are precision ground for exceptional stability and quiet ope...Details

Shuttle Track Two Lane T-Shirt Bag & Star Seal Bag on Roll Converting System (Core & Coreless)

Category : Plastic Bag Making Machines

ConvertingBag on roll
T-shirt Bag
Garment bag
T-shirt star seal bag
S punch garbage bag
Shuttle Track Two Lane T-Shirt Bag & Star Seal Bag on Roll Converting Syst...Details

LDPE Super High Speed Blown Film Machine

Category : Blown Film Extruders

King-Plus HES Series is designed to produce HDPE plastic film, while LES series for LDPE plastic film. These machines could give you advantages with high-quality, extraordinary mixing performance a...Details

PA/PET Monofilament Extrusion Line (JC-MNN Series)

Category : Extrusion Lines For Filaments and Yarn

JC-MNN series monofilament extruding line designed with two-stage-drawing and additional heat setting. The line is specially conceived to process polyamide (PA6, 6.6), polyester (PET), and polyprop...Details

Five and Seven-Layer Co-Extrusion High Speed Blown Film Line

Category : Blown Film Extruders

K.S. became a worldwide company; have achieved ISO 9002 certificate's requirements. K.S. machinery conforms to CE standard. Moreover, every machine must pass K.S. strict and careful quality co...Details

Automatic Feeding And Laminating Machine ALM-700

Category : Cutting Machines

Unique feeder mechanism to enable lamination and processing by operators without having to keep up with machine operating speed.
Unique, exclusive, patented film laminating mechanism to ensu...Details

2.5M wide, 3-layer Air Bubble Film Extrusion Line (With 2 Unwinders)

Category : Bag Making Machine by Applications

Various models to meet with your needs.
Sheet width from 1,200MM to 2,500MM, from 2 layers to 10 layers.
Tailored-made machine available.Details

Rotogravure Coating Machine Tandem Type (WRC-DT Series)

Category : Rotogravure Coating Machines

WORLDLY's tandem type coating machine is adapting rotogravure precision coating in high speed to coat on the either wide or narrow material. it works simultaneously by connecting two machines ...Details

Taper Screw Batch Pre-former

Category : Film and Sheet Extrusion Lines


This uniquely designed Taper Twin Screw Extruder has a large volume open top hopper, which will accept a whole batch from your mixer without performing. The twin screws con...Details

Agricultural Film and Geomembrane Blown Film Machine

Category : Blown Film Extruders

The films is greatly helpful in agriculture and geomembrane.
- Greenhouses that could increase the temperature to improve the growing environment and increase the available areas for plantin...Details

Two Stripe Color Blown Film Machine

Category : Blown Film Extruders

TCP-H is designed by two independent motors, gear boxes and extruders to produce films with two colors stripes
TCP-SE is designed by one motor, one gear boxes & two extruders to produce film...Details

PE Monofilament Making Machine FCM-65

Category : Extrusion Lines For Filaments and Yarn

FCM-65 is the monofilament making machine with beam type winder which suites for HDPE raw material. It is suitable for our model SR-R, SR-RF & DR-R knitting machine. The winder is direct beam typ...Details

Gusset Cutting Sewing Line GS-2002

Category : Cutting Machines

● Un-winding unit equipped with EPC
● Micro-Perforation unit
● Gusset Forming unit (equipped Infrared Rays for forming quality)
● Mark sensor for printed fabric roll
● C...Details

T-Shirt Bag Making Line (JIT-45D)

Category : Plastic Bag Making Machines

2-Color T-shirt Bag Making LineDetails


Category : Blown Film Extruders

Film width available from 2000 ~ 4000mm, excellent for heavy-duty bags.
Unique die head and air ring design to achieve stable bubble and better even thickness film and bag.
Gear box u...Details

3-Layer Co-Extrusion Blown Film Machine

Category : Blown Film Extruders

3-Layer (ABC) PE Group/PP/Recycled
3-Layer Co-Extrusion Blown Film MachineDetails

One Layer HDPE LDPE LLDPE 800mm

Category : Blown Film Extruders

Film width up to 800mm 40mm~55mm screw General Flexible PackagingDetails

Tiny Inflation Machine (TINY-28)

Category : Blown Film Extruders

Tiny Inflation Machine (TINY-28)Details

Double Side and Outside Lamination Machine

Category : Extrusion Lamination Machines

The lamination machine are used for coating of thin layer of Polyolefin (mainly LDPE/PP) on substrates like woven fabric, BOPP film, paper, jumbo bag (FIBC) etc, which is for moisture-proof, dust-p...Details