Super Provider of Essential Blown Film Line for the "Unmanned Factory"

Global manufacturing has been struggling in recent years to address the labour shortage. The wave of automation has arrived quickly due to the significant impact of global pandemic, wars, and other "black swan" effects - and the market's industrial upgrade is about to occur. Right now, it appears that there is a major global supplier of film-blowing technology who has been quietly offering automated equipment solutions for years, aiding in the establishment of "unmanned factories," and strongly supporting these film manufacturers to successfully pass the "post-pandemic era." Chyi Yang Industrial Co. is the super provider of this key blown film line solution.

Experience Precision and Efficiency: Visit WEBCONTROL at Drupa 2024, Hall 12 C70!

Drupa's coming! We are already excited to show our excellent machines at our stand Hall 12 C70. Join us and see how Webcontrol can help you save time, reduce waste and achieve efficient production!

MING JILEE: Turnkey for Air Bubble / EPE Foam Converting Production

MING JILEE provides the all kind of converting machine for air bubble and EPE foam material.  For the different application, we can cut the material into envelope, bag, sheet, hole punching, coreless roll. Latest model MGA-47P-1000 is 100% Paper Bubble Mailer Making machine, we design the heavy duty bubble embossing station to make the bubble shape paper in-line from mailer making machine.

POLYSTAR Recycling Machines Turn Waste into Profit

In the first quarter of 2024, POLYSTAR traveled to various countries worldwide for installations, maintenance, and exhibitions. We had the pleasure of meeting one of our biggest customers in the US. In this article, we'll take you through their successful journey of integrating our plastic recycling technologies and achieving success in the industry. If you're interested in our plastic recycling machines, be sure to catch us at these upcoming exhibitions for our innovative plastic recycling solutions

TAIWAN KINKI: Dual Expertise in Business and Technology, Standing Out in the Vertical Injection Molding Industry with Excellence in Quality and Flexible Services

Taiwan Kinki Machinery (TKC) has established itself at the top of the vertical injection moulding industry after more than four decades of persistence, overcoming challenges under Mr Wu's command, and impeccable teamwork. Their astonishing achievements can be found in each machine they make, which is capable of extreme precision and efficiency, but more importantly, in their excellent services that successfully satisfy buyers’ demands. 

The Multilayer Film Boom: Why Companies are Investing

International Plastics News for Asia | Chi-Chuan Cheng The Multi-Layer Co-Extrusion Film Blowing Machine plays a vital role in modern plastic production with its benefits of high efficiency, automation, precision, and energy efficiency. It finds applications not only in food, building materials, and agriculture but also in fields like medicine, chemical, and electronics.

Quality Triumphs Cost ── Lessons from a Leading Vietnamese Industrial Player Chyi Yang's Customer-Centric Approach

International Plastics News for Asia | Chi-Chuan Cheng The crucial consideration for manufacturers is whether to cut costs or enhance value. There is a well-established plastic film producer located in Hanoi, Vietnam, which a few years ago purchased blown film machines from the renowned quality-driven company, Chyi Yang. However, due to price considerations, the factory later shifted to purchasing low-cost multilayer blown film machines manufactured in China, temporarily expanding its production capacity. Despite momentarily stepping back from the price competition, Chyi Yang remains steadfast in its commitment to quality-driven development, continuously innovating and advancing with the introduction of various styles of 5-layer / 7-layer co-extrusion blown film machines.

It's Record Breaking! 211,928 Visitors for the First 2 Days!

CHINAPLAS 2024 welcomed a record breaking of 211,928 visitors for the first 2 days. Among them, 44,242 came from overseas, comprising approximately 21% of the total visitors. Day 2 alone witnessed 118,687 visitors, marking a new height for single-day attendance. Of these, 24,862 were overseas visitors (~21%), establishing another new record for the daily overseas visitor no. 

Path to a Greener Tomorrow── Chyi Yang's CFV Solutions of Precision and Sustainability

Global environmental awareness has prompted the manufacturing industry to transition towards green production. The need for "carbon reduction" in the CFV stages has led the global blown film manufacturing industry to pursue sustainable development solutions. Chyi Yang's 5-layer / 7-layer co-extrusion blown film machines have become a key player in today's green supply chain due to their three key advantages: "Big Data Analysis," "Precision Formulation and Calculation Functions," and "Recycled Waste Technology Innovations" in their multi-layer blown film machines. The international blown film manufacturing market also recognizes the indispensability of Chyi Yang in the trend of carbon reduction.

2024 PRM Spotlight Plan: Monthly Success Stories of Taiwanese Suppliers

In this article, we delve into the "Spotlight" plan, a monthly showcase that highlights the exemplary efforts of Taiwanese suppliers in tailoring solutions to meet customer needs, fostering innovation, and driving the industry forward. Though the export data for Taiwan machinery decreases in 2023 due to the economic recession, the excellent suppliers must be seen. And that's why PRM, as a pioneer media in the Plastic and Rubber industry, devoted itself to promoting Taiwanese brands.

Advanced Technologies Could Process 20 Percent of U.K.’s Waste Tires

Norwegian rubber waste recycler Wastefront is set to open a $120 million plant in Sunderland, England, either late in 2024 or early 2025. The plant will utilize pyrolysis to convert end-of-life tires into tire-derived oil (TDO), which will then be refined into various combustion fuels, including diesel. Wastefront claims that the TDO produced will be cleaner than fossil diesel and cost-competitive, depending on the grade. It is expected to be cheaper than hydrotreated vegetable oil and similar biofuels.

CHYI YANG: Transforming Waste into Gold, ABA Co-extrusion Machine Revolutionized Bag Manufacturing

The unique die head design of the ABA co-extrusion machines offers producers cost management flexibility by incorporating an middle layer of recycled material or calcium carbonate compound, effectively reducing raw material expenses. This not only maintains competitiveness in raw material prices but also aligns with environmental trends.