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According to the material supplier, bio-degradable material cannot be recycled easily. But, if not trying to recycle, the disposal of the waste & die-cut from bio-degradable material will become big additional expenses. Even if you may recycle the bio-degradable material, the time, space and workman ship required for the collection of the waste, will already create additional costs. Because of the above reasons, JANDI’S JIT is the best solution for the production of PLA/PBAT Bio-Degradable T-shirt bags.
This past year, 2020, many players from the Plastic and Rubber Industry experienced distresses on two major points, such as how strong the pandemic was going to affect the economic situation and how long it was going to take for its stabilization. In the current year, we continued analysing thoroughly how the industry has been gradually healing and how Taiwanese Manufacturers have been innovating on performance and assistance to bring the best to their customers in these hard times.
This machine is suitable for toilet lid products, urea, melamine, bakelite raw materials. The output can produce two molds at a time to improve production. Use proportional flow valve and pressure control valve to ensure stable and smooth pressure flow and achieve the best production efficiency.
This year was though for Taiwanese companies due the outbreak of COVID-19, but for GMA was an opportunity to continue growing on different markets, such as China which is one of its main markets, also it is important to mention that GMA has established at the vanguard in different regions, such India, but also High-End markets such as Japan and Europe...
Continuous vulcanizing process provides high production efficiency and stable quality. Auto latching chuck for safety and promptly loading/unloading material shaft. Control system by PLC and HMI to easily and precisely set up temperature, pressure, speed and other production parameters.
Increasing carbon emission leads to global climate change and gives rise to threatening impact on the sustainability of the human society. By the mid-century achieving carbon neutrality worldwide, the industry needs to reform by decoupling the economic growth from the utilization of fossil-based resources such as oil, coal and natural gas.
Along with the completed legislation across EU area in 2021 restricting the use of plastics, single use plastics will be legally banned in China by 2025. Up to now there are 79 countries counting more than 70% global GDP have their own legislative restriction on the use of plastics. It is estimated a rate of 16% in CAGR for the products made by bio-based or biodegradable materials during the years 2020 to 2027.
One of the biggest and the most important patterns of Water Transfer Printing is Camouflage.Camo Hydrographic Filmcan be used on different industries, not only in the hunting industry, it can also be applied to related products, such as sun glasses, ear defender, shoes, and other accessories, even for industries that are not related to hunting industry.
During pandemic COVID-19 one of the biggest challenges for the plastic machinery industry is the travel and logistics limitations. No matter after sales services of the manufacturers are good, once it comes to the maintenance and part requirements, current transportation and logistics obstacles might cause the manufacturers delay in their business. Therefore, many plastic machine manufacturers prefer to use the parts, such as screws and barrels, that are high quality and meet customers' requirements precisely in their machines. In this case LUNG CHANG is one step ahead in the industry with its reliable extruder screws and barrels as well as injection molding machine screws and barrels.
When companies are going to do big investments, such as buying machinery of different kinds, one of the main concerns is the quality of the supplier’s manufacturing capacity, quality, technology but also after sale service in case of any question or problem they might have after buying a machine. Lian You Machinery (LYM) having experience in the field since 1993, has a clear path on how to keep customers satisfied thanks to their high technical skill and knowledge.
Author : Genius Machinery CO., LTD.
In the plastic recycling industry, one of the current main customer demands is to have a recycling machine that can process many different types of plastic materials. GENIUS Cutter Compactor Recycling Machine lines are exactly cut out for these requirements. GENIUS developed these machinery series to meet various customer demands to process different types of plastic materials with an affordable cost.
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HDPE Blow Molding is the most economical- highest production output forming process for hollow products: beverage, chemical or pharmaceutical bottles, edible oil jerry cans, chemical drums, etc. And even though you can produce an almost perfect, high quality container, you might encounter different problems along the blow molding process of your products, so it is vital that you can identify where the problem comes from and how to handle it.