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Powerful Crusher

Category : Plastic Washing Line

This plastic crusher is specially designed for crushing PP/HDPE film, dirty woven bags, used woven bags, PP/HDPE flat yarn to convert into pellets.Details

Success Story - Force Side Feeding Plastic Recycling Machine

Category : Plastic Washing Line

RECO-Z-125i / Force Side Feeding Plastic Recycling Machine / Washed PE Film / Taiwan

RECO-Y-150i / Force Side Feeding Plastic Recycling Machine / HDPE bottle / TaiwanDetails

Hopper Feeding Recycling Machine: TR-V

Category : Granulators

● The Perfect Solution for recycling plastic films waste/ regrind/ granules 
● Crusher and conveyor can be added and combined into a complete recycling line Details

Film Washing Line

Category : Plastic Waste Recycling Machines

Solution for different level of plastic films
The film washing line equipped crushing, washing and drying units. Which allowing to process different dirty levels of materials, from agricultu...Details

Plastic Recycling Machinery and Equipment

Category :

The equipment is specially designed for reproducing wastage from PP/HDPE woven bags. BOPP, film.Details

KS-DXS Series One Stage Die Face Cutter Water Cooling Side Force Type Plastic Pellet Making Machine

Category : Plastic Washing Line

K.S. became a worldwide company; have achieved ISO 9002 certificate's requirements. K.S. machinery conforms to CE standard. Moreover, every machine must pass K.S. strict and careful quality co...Details

High Output Automatic Melt Filter - GEM

Category : Plastic Waste Recycling Machines

Differently from RAS, this model reaches a greater filtering surface due to the presence of two filtering meshes towards which all the melt is directed, alongside two scrapers and independent disch...Details

Side Entrance One Stage Die Face Type Recycling Machine

Category :

User-friendly machine enables to reach high productivity standards.
Product below 7% moisture is suitable for extruding.
Applicable to lightweight materials.
Crusher is optiona...Details

Force Feeding Two Stages Spaghetti Cutting Recycling & Pelletizing Machine

Category : Plastic Pelletizer Machines

High torsion, low-noice; temp. controls stability; double degassing
Suitable for a variety of raw materials.
Easy to operate; prority transcends traditional model.
With two hol...Details

HF-TS SERIES: Plastic Pellet Extruder ( Twin Screw )

Category : Compounding Lines

This pelletizing equipment (Twin screw pelletizing extrusion) is mainly applied to the thermal polymer compounding field, and we offer customized compounding solutions for any requests.
We s...Details

Automatic Melt Filter for High Contamination- ERA

Category : Bottle Recycling Lines

ERA is made of two internal filtration chambers and two independent discharge valves, thus enabling to setup a pre-filtration on the first step and a finer one in the second, all in the same machin...Details


Category :

Each blown film machine is equipped with an electronic length counter and an accumulated time meter. In addition, all main output shafts are precision ground for exceptional stability and quiet ope...Details

Single Screw Rubbing Drying Machine

Category : Plastic Washing Line

With a powerful special designed single screw, it is capable to squeeze wet material.
Output Capacity: 500 ~ 1000 kg/hr (different material different output capacity).
Can be put into...Details

Plastic Squeeze Dryer (DW Series)

Category : Plastic Washing Line

Lower moisture, higher capacity
Plastic squeeze dryer is a vital part of plastic film washing line.
Washed films retain up to 30% wetness normally. High humidity will be affecting the...Details

Plastic Rigid Washing Plant

Category : Plastic Washing Line

Our PE/PP bottle/rigid washing plants are designed for recycling post-consumer bottles (like milk bottles) or rigid materials. These systems produce uniform size PE/PP flakes with high purity and l...Details

Air Cooled Plastic Recycling Machine: RP

Category : Granulators

● Air cooled type designed for HDPE and LDPE in-house film waste 
● Most suitable for small and mid-sized blown film manufacturers and factories to recycle their own plastic waste Details

Two Stage Hopper Feeding Plastic Recycling Machine (Hi Series)

Category : Plastic Washing Line

Economically Selection
A valuable selection for clean materials, without pre-heating section for feeding device, this reduces the power consumption. The axle made by special steel with heat ...Details

HDPE Bottle Washing Line

Category : Plastic Washing Line

HDPE washing line is for washing waste HDPE bottles. The key point of post-consumer HDPE bottle recycling is the removal percentage of impurity which is mixed in the duration from HDPE factory to r...Details

Shredder Integrated Recycling Machine :Repro-one

Category : Granulators

One step technology for PP raffia, woven and PE/PP Film wasteDetails

Automatic Melt Filter - RAS

Category : Screen Changers

Any contamination the filter collects is scraped from its surface by two blades, and then gathered by the blade-holder. Finally, anything harvested is automatically ejected through the front valve....Details

Waste Plastic Recycling & Pelletizing Machine (Die Cut Type)

Category : Plastic Pelletizer Machines

Available for dry and wet material, but you need to advise us in advance
Simple operation & high capacity
Application for PP, HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, PS etc.
Double extruder is used...Details

Force Side Feeding Plastic Recycling Machine (RECO Series)

Category : Plastic Washing Line

Increasingly Feeding
The force side feeding device creates a very stable feeding flow. With stable feeding, the main screw is always fully loaded with materials, which ensures the highest ou...Details

Filament Grade PET Bottle Washing Line

Category : Bottle Recycling Lines

In this era that tremendous development of polyester staple fiber(PSF) technology, recycled PSF production technology has gradually become a general technology.Industry competition became the compe...Details

Cutter Compactor Plastic Recycling Machine (KRIEGER Series)

Category : Plastic Washing Line

Compacting & feeding
The high speed compactor creates superior efficiency friction heat to compact the fluffy materials. Removed moisture during processed. Increase the highest throughputs f...Details

Twin-Cone High Speed Pelletizing Machine-Die-Face Cutting

Category : Plastic Pelletizer Machines

Process Rubber/Plastic mixed material, EVA, TPR, PVC, CaCO3, PVB, PU, TPU compounding, various kinds of masterbatches pelletizing
High capacity
Low electricity usage
Easy to cl...Details