Multi Color Injection Molding Machines

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Sandwich / Interval Injection Molding Machine (FB-C Series)

Category : Injection Molding Machines by Color

It is sandwich/interval injection molding equipment, which is suitable for producing two-component sandwich, interval, pattern and other products.Details

YD Vertical Four-Column/Two-Color Rotary Table-Vertical Clamping and Vertical Injection Molding Machines

Category : Injection Molding Machines by Color

A. Standard double injection Vertical

4-columns direct-pressure clamping. In the upper mold plate, two separate vertical injection units is installed(separate injection hydraulic oil...Details

ATOL- Horizontal Multi-color/resin Injection Molding Machine

Category :

● Single, dual, triple color/resin in one machine.
● Suits for Plunger type injection or screw type injection system.
● 2-platen 4-cylinder direct clamping system.
● Patented c...Details