Automatic Labeling Machines

OPP/BOPP Labeling Machine For Square & Round Bottle -Automatic High Speed
OPP/BOPP Labeling Machine For Square & Round Bottle -Automatic High Speed

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1. Application for labeling round and square shape containers. 2. Fully automatic rotary operation for 330ml-4000ml bottles.(with certain change of parts). 3. Machine frame made of stainless steel 304. 4. PLC electronic control, touch screen monitor and electronic speed control(frequency inverter). 5. With a star-wheel carrying containers firmly while dispensing , provide stable dispensing performance under high-speed operation. 6. Use servo motor to synchronously tracks label supply, label cutting and use specially designed vacuum drum to ensure precise labeling. 7. Three-phase PLC and AC variable control with a synchronized tracking and control system to maintain label cutting accuracy in different running speed. 8. Centralized lubrication system for easy maintenance. 9. Detecting in feed situation with sensor, automatically adjust labeling speed according to feeding situation of production line, making production line coherent. 10. System safety device: when malfunctions such as irregular torques and abnormal feeding occur, machine will automatically stop for operation safety and machine durability. 11. Automatic label proofread system controller made in Germany. 12. Automatic speed self adjustment to contact other machine.