In Mold Labeling Injection Molding Machines

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In Mold Labeling Turnkey Solution

Category : Horizontal Injection Molding Machines

In Mold Labeling (IML) is a high-efficient technique. By placing the printed label in the mold before injection and bonding the label with the plastic products during injection process, lML can pro...Details

Injection Molding Machine Auxiliary Solutions

Category : Electrical Injection Molding Machines

‧ Lower cost ‧ Greater productivity ‧ Better energy efficiency ‧ Better company image ‧ Better working environment ‧ Less material waste and pollution during the conveying process ‧ Less noise due ...Details

Total Solution For In Mold Decoration Technology

Category : In Mold Labeling Injection Molding Machines

• Total Solution For In Mold Decoration Technology. • Environment-friendly plastic decoration process - IMD/FIM/IML. (In-Mold Decoration / Film Insert Molding / In-Mold Labeling) • P...Details

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Contribution to Circular Economy & ESG Implementation | GEORDING

In recent years, many manufacturers in the plastics industry have been aware of the environmental issues to reduce waste and protect our environment. 
Through the interview with the sales manager, Jessica Liu, she expressed the implementation of Reuse, Reduce and Recycle are core concepts to GEORDING. With the Refuse Derived Fuel production line, they could share the idea and provide assistance to lower greenhouse gas emissions.