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Can't attend K 2022 in person? PRM will show you the most interesting exhibition highlights on【K SHOW 2022 ON-SITE TOUR】 Taiwanese manufacturers are gathering at K 2022 and showcasing their new technique of plastic & rubber machinery. You can also feel the good vibe from the show.   【Video Outline】 0:00 Introduction 0:16 CHAO WEI PLASTIC MACHINERY | Plastic Converting Machines 0:37 YE I MACHINERY | Plastic Recycling & Material Processing Machinery 1:36 HO HSING PRECISION INDUSTRY | Parts and Components 2:06 HUARONG GROUP | Injection Molding Machines 2:50 SUNKIST CHEMICAL MACHINERY | Thermoforming Machines 3:17 MING JILEE ENTERPRISE| Extruders & Extrusion Lines 3:41 QUEEN’S MACHINERY | Extruders & Extrusion Lines 3:52 CHI CHANG MACHINERY | Extruders & Extrusion Lines 4:17 HSIN LONG | Molds & Dies 4:38 FORMAX | Auxiliary Equipment and Integrated Automation 4:46 YEN SHENG MACHINERY | Extruders & Extrusion Lines 5:01 BOTHEVEN MACHINERY | Auxiliary Equipment and Integrated Automation 5:20 GENIUS | Plastic Recycling & Material Processing Machinery 5:40 JUMBO STEEL | Extruders & Extrusion Lines 6:10 WORLDLY INDUSTRIAL | Printing Machinery 7:00 PRM TAIWAN

Second Life to Recycled Plastics | BoReTech
Have you wondered how PET bottles have been recycled? Where do recycled plastics go? BoReTech is a leading company in the plastic recycling industry, who strives to solve plastic waste and give it a second life.   With more than 30 years experience in the industry, BoReTech is able to process different materials from different countries and gain know-how experiences. Lately, BoReTech has redesigned their washing line in a smaller footprint, which is 50% less surface area compared to their standard line.   Here are four improvements of the latest washing line called ES-process PET Bottle Recycling System. Smaller Foot Print Convenient in Maintenance Environmental Protection and Sustainability Quality Improvements   To be a global pioneer in the plastic recycling ingenuity, BoReTech has gradually moved towards the research, development, and design of the all-plastic recycling process. Let's keep our environment in ecological balance and promote global sustainable development.   【Video Outline】 0:00  Reduction of Carbon Emissions 0:52  BoReTech's Plastic Recycling Solution 1:32  Journey to Plastic Recycling 3:11  Development of BoReTech 3:54  Innovation & Integration to meet food-grade demand 4:38  BoReTech PET Bottle Recycling System 5:10  ES-process PET Bottle Recycling System 7:07  Market share of BoReTech in India & Japan 8:51  Service from BoReTech 9:46  Future Development & Mission
Find Your Plastic & Rubber Supplier | PRM-TAIWAN
Welcome to PRM-TAIWAN Plastic & Rubber B2B Website introduction video. In this video you will watch how to find Taiwanese Plastic and Rubber Machinery suppliers through PRM-Taiwan. It's so simple! Just go to  select the machinery or materials, and send your inquiry. Leave the rest part to us.  
Plastic Welding Machine at K 2022 | TAI YEN
By interviewing Mr. Tony, from Tai-Yen Industrial Co., at K 2022, we have a quick understanding or their solution and product series, such as High Frequency Plastic Welding Machine and Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Machine.
Thermoforming Systems at K 2022 | ILLIG
It was a great honor for PRM to interview the Sales Director — Adam Liang from ILLIG. ILLIG showcased their newest Thermoforming Machine at K 2022. Integrated Sustainability and Digitalization into product applications, including recyclable and biodegradable PP flakes. Mr. Liang also shared his insights for the future in the Plastic & Rubber industry.
Online Forum 《Packaging Trends and Future》| 2022 TAIPEI PACK
Event date: June 23rd, 2022 10:00-12:00
Temperature Control & Cooling Units at K 2022 | TOOL-TEMP
It's PRM's honor to interview Jasmine Koller, CEO of Tool-Temp AG, and Allen Tsai, General Manager (Taiwan), which gave us insightful sharing about their products and perception of K 2022 and of the post-pandemic era.
Gravimetric Technology at K 2022 | MAGUIRE
Founded in 1977, Maguire Products manufactures gravimetric blenders and feeders, volumetric feeders, ULTRA low energy dryers, conveying systems, extrusion control systems, loss in weight extrusion control, and related auxiliaries for Plastic & Rubber industry. It was a great honor for PRM-TAIWAN to invite Frank Kavanagh — Vice President Global Sales and Tony Tsai — Sales Manager (Taiwan) from Maguire. The conversation was mainly about the biggest challenge during the pandemic and how to integrate product innovation into application of Circular Economy, Digitalization, Climate Protection, which was the 3 main topics of K 2022. In the end, Mr. Kavanagh also talked about their main goal of the attendance. For more information, check the video!
Full Range of Film Processing Machinery at K 2022 | JINMING
PRM was pleased to have a short interview with Simeon Wang, Vice President of Jinming Machinery, at K 2022. By interviewing with Mr. Wang, we have obtained the information about MDOPE solution, which was launched in recent years, to enable the stretch of the film manufactured from its machine.    Moreover, Mr. Wang has expressed how Jinming solved the clients’ problems by its automatic technology during the pandemic. In the meanwhile, he also shared his observation of sustainability and expectation of the market in the post-pandemic era.
Central Drum (CI) Type Flexo Printing Machine | PRINTPLAS
The central impression drum surface precise grind and coated, without risk of pores and with the dual wall design for water cooling purpose to ensure material to be smoothly transport and precisely printed. 80mm thick cast metal plate frame provide a very steady, vibration free foundation for the printing work. Servo motors equipped for main drive / in-feed /out-feed / unwind and rewind, provide a smooth motion control for constant tension for film. Servo motors driven auto impression setting for each printing station with memory pack. Anilox sleeve and plate sleeve system is quick change side insert type. Turret type auto splicing for unwind and rewind is non-stop to change the roll. Equipped with internet accessible control system for remote diagnoses of programming and electronic components.   【Company Introduction】 Printplas Machinery Co., Ltd have been established since 2001 and specialized on the manufacturing of CI & STACK flexographic printing machine in Taiwan.  With skill workers and machine R&D department, we are keeping our effort for providing precise, stable, high speed printing machine for our users.
Film Extrusion Equipment at K 2022 | GMA
It was a great honor for PRM to interview the General Manager — Howard Chao from GMA Machinery. He shared his insight about how the Russo-Ukrainian War affected Europe Energy Policy and the European market. He's also looking forward to having cooperation opportunities with new partners. For more information, check the video!
Contribution to Circular Economy & ESG Implementation | GEORDING
In recent years, many manufacturers in the plastics industry have been aware of the environmental issues to reduce waste and protect our environment.  GEORDING MACHINERY CO., LTD. has dedicated to innovating their machines with superior features which can process various plastic materials, such as PA, PET, ABS, TPU, Calcium Carbonate and even PE foam. By keeping developing and improving their technology, GEORDING has become one of the leaders of the extruder supplier as well.  Through the interview with the sales manager, Jessica Liu, she expressed the implementation of Reuse, Reduce and Recycle are core concepts to GEORDING. With the Refuse Derived Fuel production line, they could share the idea and provide assistance to lower greenhouse gas emissions.  Supporting their customers is the priority of after-sale service. Even though the pandemic has been affecting the world, GEORDING still maintains an excellent relationship with customers by arranging video meetings and providing the service of remote tests. Therefore, they have been awarding the OEM cooperation with a long-term partner in Japan.  One of GEORDING’s customers in Japan uses their RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) to plant vegetables by using their equipment. As a result, we could tell that more and more manufacturers value the sustainability of ESG.  【Video Outline】 00:00 - Introduction 00:39 - Contribution to the circular economy 02:03 - RDF production line for ESG 03:06 - After-sales service for installation & maintenance 04:01 - OEM cooperation 04:39 - R&D developments 06:20 - Customer success stories 07:40 - Closing
2022 Intelligent Asia - Automation Intelligence and Robot | PRM Exhibition Tour
Let's PRM take you to the on-site through our online touring video!! In the video, you will be amazed how automation intelligence and robots applied in machinery to improve the efficiency and production. 2022 Intelligent Asia has 9 major manufacturing sectors that includes Automation, Robots, Logistics, Cold Chain, 3D Printing, Molds & Dies, Laser, Fluid Power, and Smart Machinery.
Sustainable Innovation of Blown Film Machine | KUNG HSING
The latest innovation of Three Layer Blown Film Machine is featured with 3 in 1 Gap Winder that combines Surface Type, Contact Drive Type and Gap Winding. We are pleased to invite Kung Hsing Machinery to share the insight of the Blow Film Industry with us, which includes application, ESG and the effect of geopolitic to the economy.     【Product Features】 ● Five layers co-extrusion blown film line ● Φ300 mm Die : Production output 600 kg / hr ● Gain in weight gravimetric dosing unit ( Italy made) ● Profile measurement & auto thickness control (Auto Air Ring-Height Adjustable, High Efficiency Cooling and High Output Rate, Germany made) ● IBC computer control system (U.S.A Made) ● Horizontal oscillating take-up unit ● 3 in 1 Gap winder ( Surface type, Contact Drive Type and Gap Winding)   【Video Outline】 0:00 Welcome to K 2022 0:24 Introduction of Kung Hsing Machinery 0:53 Highlights of Kung Hsing at K 2022  1:54 Applications of KS Blown Film Machines 2:34 Upgrade of Three Layer Blown Film Machine 5:38 Strategy and Implementation to ESG 6:51 Customer Oriented Service 7:54 Advantages of Taiwanese Supply Chain 8:54 Occurrences affect Global Market 10:04 Development Trends of KS Blown Film Machine 11:07 More information on PRM B2
Digital Transformation for Packaging Industry | Taiwan Packaging Association
In this video, we interview the new Chairman of Taiwan Packaging Association, Mr. Benker Liao. Throughout this video Mr. Liao introduces the importance of participation in the international exhibitions for the Packaging Industry and how it was affected during the pandemic. The new Chairman has encouraged the players of Taiwan Packaging Industry to make a change in mindset, organizational and business transformation for Online Marketing.
Bag Making Automation Solutions at K 2022 | PLAS ALLIANCE
It's such a great honor to interview Eugene Chiu, the Sales Manager from PLAS ALLIANCE LTD. In the interview, he mentioned influences by the pandemic. In the end, he also talked about the trending topics in recent years, for instance, Circular Economy. PLAS ALLIANCE LTD. also has excellent customization ability. They provide customized machinery, especially when their customers are searching for Biodegradable Materials applications.
2022 Intelligent Asia - Smart Mold, 3D Printing, Logistics & IoT | PRM Exhibition Tour
Let's PRM take you to the on-site through our online touring video!! In the video, you will be showed the advance technology of 3D printing, application of IoT in logistics and high quality of smart mold & die. 2022 Intelligent Asia has 9 major manufacturing sectors that includes Automation, Robots, Logistics, Cold Chain, 3D Printing, Molds & Dies, Laser, Fluid Power, and Smart Machinery.
TaipeiPLAS 2022 Live | PRM
The self-media era is coming! The plastics & rubber industry not only allows specific people or professionals to learn about this area. Throughout PRM's interview videos, we convey general information from plastics & rubber industry, environmental issues and social enterprise responsibility topics. ⏰ 10/1(Sat.) 15:00 (GMT+8) 【PRM exhibition insight interview】 We'll introduce the innovative machinery and techniques by interviewing exhibitors at TaipeiPlas 2022. To those who cannot attend the exhibition and overseas buyers, you can watch our on-site interviewing video to obtain the latest information.  
Aluminum Foil Printing Techniques | WORLDLY
Have you ever wondered how essential it is for manufacturers and consumers to have the right packaging or sealing material on a decomposable product like medicine, snacks/drinks, or any other related product? By interviewing Klive from WORLDY, we have been explaining what kind of technical strengths Worldly has and they are capable of manufacturing and designing customization machines according to client's demand. Moreover, You will obtain the knowledge of the difference between plastic and aluminum foil to understand the applications of each materials.
Waste Material Recycling Equipment at K 2022 | GENOX
It was a great honor for PRM-Taiwan to invite Jamie Jiang — the Marketing Director from GENOX. In the interview, we talked about the macro economic market during the pandemic, and the forecast for the future.  In the end, Jamie also mentioned that the K Show is a worldwide exhibition for partners from the Plastic & Rubber industry, people can gain the newest industry information at the show. 
K Show 2022 Press Lunch Event | PRM x Kaigo
Are you excited to participate K Show 2022? You cannot miss the chance to watch this teaser! PRM will release the full videos or the following sharing session in September. Stay tuned! PRM was invited to join K Show 2022 Press Lunch organized by Kaigo Co., Ltd. Exhibitors who are participating in K Show 2022 were gathering in the event to be presented the show trending in this year, such as Circular Economy, Digitalization and Climate Protection. Sharing sessions was hold in the event which given by 1. Welcome Opening of Press Lunch - Kaigo Co., Ltd. Project Manager Mr. Richard Keim 2. K Show 2022 Trending - Kaigo Co., Ltd. Project Manager Mr. Alexander Keim 3. Make Plastic Green - Plastic Industry Development Center VP Ph.D Chiu Zen-Wen 4. Exhibition in Post-pandemic Era - Airtrade Express Ltd. Mr.Tommy Shih
TaipeiPLAS 2022 Live | PRM x KAOLU x PIDC
The self-media era is coming! The plastics & rubber industry not only allows specific people or professionals to learn about this area. Throughout PRM's interview videos, we convey general information from plastics & rubber industry, environmental issues and social enterprise responsibility topics. ⏰ 9/30(Fri.) 15:00 (GMT+8) 【KaoLu Enterprise】 Kao Lu Enterprises Co. Ltd., established in 1980, has been dedicated to manufacturing and supplying premium quality pneumatic components such as valves, cylinders, and ancillary accessories. 【Plastics Industry Development Center | PIDC】 What's the key role that PIDC plays in Taiwan society and how they provide services to plastics manufacturers. By interviewing General Manager of Dr. Hsiao, he would share the insight of SDGs, 2050 Net Zero programme, and also provide advice to Taiwanese enterprises.
Plastic Recycling in Japanese Market at K 2022 | POLYSTAR
We were glad to have an interview with Mr. Kenji Murai, agent of POLSTAR in Japan, who shared his observation of plastic recycling in the Japanese market and his experience doing machinery business.
Proportional Valves for Plastic & Rubber Industry | KAO LU
KAO LU ENTERPRISES CO. is an professional Taiwanese manufacturer. With experience for over 40 years, it’s one of the leaders of the proportional pressure and flow control valves. With high-quality manufacturing techniques, their distributors spread all around the world.   【Video Outline】 Company Introduction Product Application & Competitiveness Product Introduction Main Customers Application on Medical and Biotech Equipment Application on Plastic and Rubber Equipment Advantages of the Era of Industry 4.0 Contact Information
Multi-layers Die Head Manufacturer at K 2022 | HSIN LONG
Hsin Long Thread Rolling Machine Co., Ltd. is knowing for high-quality products, such as blown film machine, extrusion die and extruder filter, and their post-sale service. By interviewing Ms. Sandy Chen, Production Manager, we gained the information about how Hsin Long apply digitalization in their equipment.
Sensing & Polymer Test Equipment at K 2022 | Dynisco
We are glad to have an interview with Bill Desrosiers, Vice President of Dynisco, since our last interview at K 2019. The industry has been changed a lot due to COVID said by Mr. Desrosiers. Moreover, we had a discussion of how Dynisco implemented trending topics at K 2022, such as Circular Economy, Digitalization and Environment Protection, and applied these concepts in Dynisco products.