Auxiliary Equipment and Integrated Automation

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Tube Loader (AL)

Category : Conveyors

Stainless unique design is dust-free and clean –free for optics users perfectly.

Light weight and compact size can be directly mounted to any vessel and machine without purchasing a...Details

Crusher (Gepard Series)

Category : Plastic Crushers

Extremely customizable capabilities
Genius provides customizable design for different materials. Equipped numerous types of the optionally input and output system to achieve different demand...Details

Heavy Duty Crushing Machine C270~1010A

Category : Plastic Crushers

Heavy Duty Crushing Machine C270~1010ADetails


Category : Foaming Machinery

Special Feed Mechanism:
Designed for the material having different characteristics to achieve automatic machining for the soft materials.

Well-Designed And Stabilized Bottom ...Details

Semi-Automatic PE Cling / Stretch Film Rewinder Machine

Category : Film and Filament Stretching Lines

Designed to rewind small rolls from jumbo rolls
RW-1 for rewinding fixed width film 300mm, fully automatic feed paper core, rewind, cut & change paper core.
RW-2 for rewinding width f...Details

Floor Mounted Auto Vacuum Loader

Category : Loaders

Floor Mounted Auto Vacuum Loader

The separated design of a blower and a suction hopper with mighty horsepower is suitable for long distance conveying. The flexible combination of on...Details

Gravimetric Master-Batch Feeder (MF-G)

Category : Feeders

The latest gravimetric master-batch feeder with lose-in-weight design (MF-G) increases your accuracy caused by the uneven size of master-batch or recycled resins.
Customization is available...Details

High Speed Cutting Machine - FSC-201 Pvc

Category : Cutting Machines

This cutting machine is suited for perforating and cutting operations for various shrink labels (shrink sleeves). It provides flexible cutting profiles of the product.
Also for electronics, ...Details

Robotic Grinding Workstation - AGS 7

Category :

Grinding and Polishing system
AGT force channel control system-ensure smooth and uniform surface after grinding
6 Axis robot-ABB IRB1200 7Kg/0.7m IP67 Water&Dust proof type

Steel Cord Conveyor Belt Vulcanizing Machine / Line

Category : Control Equipment

Custom design Jumbo Size (large tonnage) vulcanization equipment available, production capacity up to 13000 tons.
Equipped with cooling system on the bottom of cylinders to prevent oil temp...Details

Onion Bag Machine

Category : Industrial Knitting Machines

For special wide nets. •For double layered nets.Details

EASYLINK|IoT Injection Molding

Category : Industrial Robots

IoT injection molding|EASYLINK smart system is integrate and processes all data of the machine for these functions:
[Production Monitoring]
[Quality Management]
[Abnormal Insp...Details

Servo Sheet Cutting Machine

Category : Rubber Cutting Machines

Application:Rubber sheet, plastic sheet/films, paper and composite materials.

Jumbo Bag Making Machine

Category : Cutting Machines

The function of HY7/AC-230HP designed for cutting extra wide width PP/HDPE woven fabric and very easy to operate, this is durable and practical type of equipment.Details

Hot Runner System

Category : Hot Runner Systems

Hot runner system is an advanced injection molding system. Nozzle and manifold block are heated under temperature control of the Temp-controller, so that the plastics from the nozzle of injection m...Details

For Blown Film T Series

Category : Surface Treatment Equipment

SPEED: 10~150 M/min
DYPES: 38~44

“Large Flow” Water Heaters

Category : Control Equipment

STM-WF series "Large Flow" water heaters are used to heat up the mould and maintain temperature, although they can be used in other similar applications. High temperature water from the mould is re...Details

4 Shaft Auto Cutter

Category : Cutting Machines

Application:To cut the variety of tape rolls, e.g.: double-sided tape, masking tape, Electrical Tape, construction tape, other kinds of tapes.

High Speed Mixer Machine

Category : Mixers and Blenders

Special design for manufacturing processes for wood plastic composite resin.Details

Side Entry Robot SSE

Category : Industrial Robots

SSE robot is designed for thin-walled products which cycle time below 6sec. With its high speed features can improve the production efficiency. Suitable for injection molding machine with clamping ...Details

Double Needle Bar Raschel Machines

Category : Industrial Knitting Machines

High-Speed Double Needle Bar Raschel Machines for Manufacturing Packing Sacks

.Onion bag machines: (so-called "ready-made sacks" for packing orange, lemon, potato, ...etc.).

Air Compressor

Category : Air Compressors

heading machine
printing machine
capping machine
sealing machine


Category :

Rubber Pellet Making Line:

This KD pellet line is designed to provide automatically rubber pellet making line. It includes :
Auto Weighting-->Mixing-->Extruding-->Pelletizing ...Details


Category : Surface Treatment Equipment

For: Laser film laminating, Label machine type, Copper aluminum foil other moralize foil label & sticker printing or other metallic film.
Ceramic discharge bar, three step (Up to 9 step)Details

Hopper Dryer (HD/IHD/DHD)

Category : Dryers and Dehumidifiers For Plastic Materials

Hopper Dryer (HD/IHD/DHD)

‧ HD Series

Rapid heating.

Constant temperature control.

‧ IHD Series