Twin Screw Extruder Die

Extruder Screws and Barrels
Extruder Screws and Barrels

Categories : Extrusion Dies / Dies Heads

We develop and product single screws and twin-screw, their diameter ranges up to 132mm and their length to 3700mm . We only use material that imported from Germany or Japan once the geometry has been determined. The screws are produced by the following individual processes. The blanks are prepared and annealed Modern CNC-lathers ensure a high degree of constant quality Well-Proven special boring systems are used for producing the cooling channels The screw geometry is milled out by computer numerical controlled machines Before they undergo heat treatment, the work pieces are checked for warppage. Deviations are corrected immediately The screw flights are polished by several stages, surface roughness below Ra 0.8 g m An acceptance report is written out of each screw during final inspection