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Paper Cutting Machine

Category : Cutting Machines

● Cutting Tolerance: +-0.5 MM
● Machine Speed: 200 M/MINDetails

Servo Sheet Cutting Machine

Category : Rubber Cutting Machines

Application:Rubber sheet, plastic sheet/films, paper and composite materials.

Automatic Slitting Machine AFC-700SE

Category : Slitters and Rewinders

Unique Material Moving Mechanism:
Designed according to the characteristics of photoelectric materials to avoid scratching the material.

High-Flexibility Parameter Setting:<...Details

Hydraulic Type Die Cutting Machine With Sliding Table Feeding

Category : Cutting Machines

Application:Special design for die cutting one layer or several layers of such material as rubber sheet, leather, plastic, foam, nylon, paper board and synthetic material.

High Precision CCD Auto Positioning Die-Cutting Machine-APL-500CCD

Category : Foaming Machinery

●Designed in high-precisio construction, this machine can be used to perform full-cut & half-cut fabrication tasks.
●Up/down punching travel uses four high-rigidity guide poles, with liner r...Details

High Precision Hydraulic Type Die Cutting Machine

Category : Cutting Machines

Application:Plastic films, such as diffuser, reflects sheet, brightness Enhancement Film, PET, PE, PVC, Paper, Self-adhesived label…etc.

Cutting Machine CUT-300/400/500

Category : Cutting Machines

- Accurate cutting device
- Quiet operation
- Easy to operate
- PLC with color touch screen control systemDetails

High-accuracy Compact Auto-Cutting Production Line-APL-300

Category : Foaming Machinery

●Servo Cutting Mechanism:
The Main Cutting Axle is controlled by Servomotor to achieve high-efficiency and high-accuracy effects.
●Auto Feed Mechanism:
It is controlled by Hi...Details

Two-Layer extruder & cutting machine

Category : Cutting Machines

-Two-layer extrusion tube can reduce material cost. (using: Pearl + PE/PE + Pigment)
-The temperature controllers of different materials can be controlled individually. In this way, we can f...Details

Fully Automatic High-speed Cutting & Sealing,3 Folding and Packing Machine

Category : Cutting Machines

Fully Automatic High-speed Cutting & Sealing,3 Folding and Packing Machine by Servo Motor Control.
‧ Sealing & cutting,3 folding,auto-packing.
‧ Computerized human-touch screen contro...Details

High Speed Cutting Machine - FSC-201 Pvc

Category : Cutting Machines

This cutting machine is suited for perforating and cutting operations for various shrink labels (shrink sleeves). It provides flexible cutting profiles of the product.
Also for electronics, ...Details

4 Shaft Auto Cutter

Category : Cutting Machines

Application:To cut the variety of tape rolls, e.g.: double-sided tape, masking tape, Electrical Tape, construction tape, other kinds of tapes.

Guillotines Plastic Cutter

Category : Cutting Machines

When FIMIC was born, our main line of production was the manufacturing of guillotines for the cutting of bales and rolls of industrial waste, and they still retain their place as our flagship produ...Details

Hydraulic Automatic Feed Die Cutting Machine (Four Column Press)

Category : Cutting Machines

Application:Suitable for cutting one layer or several layer of such material as rubber sheet (bottom sole, medium sole), EVA, leather, plastic canvas, vacuum foaming products, nylons, carpet, mat,...Details

Cutting Piece Machine (YSW-CP)

Category : Cutting Machines

• This machine provides slitting and cutting functions.
• Finished product can be collected by row needs, and the operator simply needs to unload it.Details


Category : Foaming Machinery

The Structure Of Press Body Is Made By Special Steel Shaped Materials That Features Pressure-Resistant Function To Maintain A Permanent Plane, With Its Integrated Shaping Of Punch And Slide To Full...Details

High-accuracy Multi-Function Hydraulic Cutting Machine - CSS-603M

Category : Cutting Machines

The machine body has been machined for several finishing processes in creating low-profile variable high-rigid machine body.Details

Enconomic Type Sheet Cutting Machine

Category : Cutting Machines

Application:Suitable for cutting material such as rubber sheet, leather, plastic canvas, vacuum foaming products, nylon, paper boards and synthetic materials.

Plastic / PP Woven Bag Cutting Sewing Machine

Category : Cutting Machines

The HY7/SP-150H has a capacity of 24-32 bags/min, with length adjustment and auto bag gathering systems. The unit can also be equipped with auto mouth open and bottom folding system, making bag pro...Details

Multi-Layer Co-Extrusion Line EDC-08-05

Category : Cutting Machines

Plastic material has its own characters. In co-extrusion system. We use and combine several kinds of materials, therefore, the characters of single layer tube can't compete with the complex ch...Details

Auto Laminating Machine ALM-800

Category : Cutting Machines

Synchronized automatic glass handling mechanism to speed up operational efficiency.
Unique, special, patented pattern film laminating mechanism, to ensure no air bubbles after lamination pro...Details

Knife-Cutting Bag Making Machine (GF-A812E-SV+C)

Category : Bag Making Machine by Applications

600 mm

Gusset Cutting Sewing Line GS-2002

Category : Cutting Machines

● Un-winding unit equipped with EPC
● Micro-Perforation unit
● Gusset Forming unit (equipped Infrared Rays for forming quality)
● Mark sensor for printed fabric roll
● C...Details

High Precision Die Cutting Machine (Full Electrical, One Sheet Feeding)

Category : Cutting Machines

Application:High precision die cutting machine (Full electrical, one sheet feeding)


Category : Foaming Machinery

Double-Axle Synchronous Pressurizing Mechanism:
Performs the pressurization with double output axle to provide powerful and stabilized pressurizing capacity.

Automatic Feed M...Details