Plastic Shredders

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Twin Shaft Shredder (Kroko Twin Series)

Category : Plastic Shredders

Intelligent control system
The program system monitoring the shredding status and allows automatically reverse and forward motion to keep most stability while creating best production.

Twin Shaft Shredder

Category : Plastic Shredders

Design especially for bulky plastic products. Eliminate the disadvantage of traditional high horse power crusher. Also for cracking unusual objects, waste tyres, logs, sleepers, etc.
High ca...Details

Pipe Crusher

Category : Material Processing Machines

Our crusher (granulator) offers a wide range of different rotors design with width from 380mm to 1500mm with heavy-duty transmission.Details

HF-FTO 3 In 1 Series:3 in 1 Pelletizing Extrusion / Extruder Pelletizer

Category : Granulators

Produced by experienced plastic recycling extruder machine manufacturer.
Suitable for handling differences of materials.
Suitable for processing most of the thermoplastic materials.Details

Plastic Shredders

Category : Material Processing Machines

Applications such as plastics, paper, textiles, tires, packaging, biomass, municipal, commercial, and industrial waste.Details

Shredder Integrated Recycling Machine :Repro-one

Category : Plastic Shredders

One step technology for PP raffia, woven and PE/PP Film wasteDetails

HF-FTO Vacuum Series: PET Extrusion Pelletizing Machine Line

Category : Plastic Pelletizer Machines

In order to process PET, which is the most common plastic recycling material, PARTECO has developed this PET extrusion pelletizing machine line. The subject machine line (machine system) is mainly ...Details

Shredder Integrated Recycling Machine

Category :

Shredder integrated recycleing machine
Can handle large heavy materials or thin-film materials
Two-stage filtration makes raw materials cleaner
High productivity, low noise

Single Shaft Shredder (Kroko Series)

Category : Plastic Shredders

Cost Effective Precision
Installed with STM gearbox made from Italy. Ensure the best effective precision and the higher torque density.

High radial loads with high efficiency ...Details

Single Shaft Shredder

Category : Plastic Shredders

Single-shaft shredder system can be almost universally used to and are able to process a board range of different materials (woods, copper wire, plastic lump, tire paper, etc.)Details

plastic shredder SP-420 / 60205

Category :

Especially for bulky plastic products. Eliminate the disadvantages of traditional high horse power crusher.Also for cracking unusual objects,waste tyres,logs,sleepers,etc.