Over 40 years of history, CHUMPOWER is the largest PET blow molding machine manufacturer in Taiwan, and the CHUMPOWER PET blow molding machines made in Taiwan are in stable operation in more than 115 countries.   【Product Appliance】 Beverages Water Edible Oil Daily-used Cosmetics   【Product Range】 One Stage Injection Blowing Machine Injection and Bottle Molding Manufacturing Stretch Blow Molding Machinery Sales / Turnkey Solution TS Series Models for Lower Production Output (Suggest to new market players) Linear PET Blow Molding Machine (Suggest to buyers who is looking for higher output)   【SS10-rPET Single-stage PET Bottle Blowing Machine】 Hybrid hydraulic system with an optimized clamping mechanism to ensure Energy Efficiency Barrier screw with venting capability can effectively lower the energy required for drying Adopt 4 station design Non-contact feature Reach the trending topics of ESG, Carbon Neutrality, and Net-Zero Emission
PLASCO's JC-ABA Series of 3-layer co-extrusion blown film lines are the ultimate economic and environmental solutions for multi-layer blown film production.   【Machine Spec】 Applicable Material: LDPE / LLDPE / MDPE / HDPE Screw Diameter (mm): "45/55", "50/55", "55/75" Film Layflat Width (mm): 800 / 1000 / 1200 Film Thickness (mm): 0.015-0.10 Extrusion Capacity (kg/hr): 100 / 160 / 250   【Application】 Express Bag Plant Bag Shopping Bag T-shirt Bag Laundry Bag Garbage Bag   【Company Intro】 PLASCO is a global industry leader in the design, manufacture, and supply of innovative plastic extrusion lines. They specialize in applying innovative engineering concepts to the design and manufacture of plastic extrusion lines with more than 30 year experiences.
PLASCO's JC-FYB Series of extrusion lines are designed to produce either standard or heavy-duty fibrillated tape for technical end-use applications, such as baler twine, insulated cable filler, carpet backing, synthetic grass, and more!   【Machine Spec】 Applicable Materials: PP / HDPE Screw Diameter (mm): 85 / 100 / 110 Denier (D): 3000-25000 / 3000-30000 / 3000-35000 Working Width (mm): 800 / 1000 / 1200 Extrusion Capacity (kg/hr): 120 / 200 /250   【Application】 Rope Cable filler Baler twine   【Company Intro】 PLASCO is a global industry leader in the design, manufacture, and supply of innovative plastic extrusion lines. They specialize in applying innovative engineering concepts to the design and manufacture of plastic extrusion lines with more than 30 year experiences.
PLASCO's JC-SPP Series of extrusion lines are designed to produce PP strapping bands, which are commonly used for light- and medium-duty applications, such as for securing newspapers and magazines, carton boxes, and pallet freight shipments.   【Machine Spec】 Applicable Material: PP Screw Diameter (mm): 90 / 100 / 120 Strap Width (mm): 5-19 / 12-19 Extrusion Capacity (kg/hr): 180 / 250 / 380 Straps Produced: 4-2 / 8-4 / 8-6   【Application】 Newspaper strap Carton box strap   【Company Intro】 PLASCO is a global industry leader in the design, manufacture, and supply of innovative plastic extrusion lines. They specialize in applying innovative engineering concepts to the design and manufacture of plastic extrusion lines with more than 30 year experiences.
PLASCO's JC-MNN series of extrusion lines utilize a dual-stage drawing/single-stage heating process to produce high quality PA6, PA66, PET or PP monofilament extrusion line.   【Product Spec】 Applicable Materials: PA/PET Screw Diameter (mm): 50 / 55 / 65 / 80 Filament Diameter (mm): 0.12-1.00 / 0.12-3.50 / 0.50-3.50 Extrusion Capacity (kg/hr): 35 / 50 / 75 / 120   【Application】 Rope Toothbrush Longline monofilament Fishing line Tennis strings Fishing net   【Company Intro】 PLASCO is a global industry leader in the design, manufacture, and supply of innovative plastic extrusion lines. They specialize in applying innovative engineering concepts to the design and manufacture of plastic extrusion lines with more than 30 year experiences.
Yomura Technologies Inc. was founded in 1989. With over 30 years of experience, we have been selected as OEM by multiple world-class brands. Moreover, Yomura has the tooling expertise to fabricate complex, high-end molds and the production capacity to manufacture large volumes of precision parts for just about any industry, such as 3C consumer goods, medical, automotive, aerospace products, military & industrial gear and more. 【Service Line】 Single Injection Mold Double Injection Mold Over Injection Mold Insert Injection Mold In Mold Decoration Liquid Injection Molding Metal Injection Micro Molding EMI Shielding Contract Assembly Optical Lens & LED Blow Molding Contract Mold Manufacture Silicone & Rubber Products   【Engineering】 Design and Development Partner Rapid Prototyping Tooling Soft Tooling Process Optimization
【Machine Features】 A mixing system is a process of mixing raw plastic materials in particles or powders to manufacture piping and tubing structures. It is a part of the plastic extrusion process. It involves the pre-mixing of multiple additives, which is performed in an efficient manner. Mixing System is commonly used in manufacturing water pipes, plastic floors, wall panels, plastic floor tiles, wires, cables, plastic steel doors, windows, to name a few. Suitable for filling small amounts of additive. A semi-automatic operation system that saves labor and times, lowers production costs while upgrading throughput by 20%. With material storing function. No powder leakage during delivery. A mixing and delivery system that meets environmental protection requirements. The flow guide plate is a special design, featuring uniform mixing, high speed, superior dispersion and energy saving. Exclusively designed material outlet port can be set according to customer's material types. Another benefit is its fast material outfeed with residuals.(Patented design). The tank invertor is a stainless steel construction, polished to upgrade material missing efficiency and reduce electricity consumption. The steel base is a one-piece fabrication and equipped with anti-vibration pads, providing smooth and stable running. 【Company Intro】 "CHIAO WEI MECHANIC CO., LTD" founded in 1987 and a professional manufacturer of Hi-speed mixer, Blending machine & those ancillary equipments etc. Although we have established about twenty years, our staffs were continued and guided by principle of innovating, persuing the excellence & hard-working etc., Especially, the scientic-technology will be upgraded gradually as well as human life be diversified day by day. Since, our company has focused on new products R/D and manufactured hi-eff, automation, low noise & low pollution products. And we have contributed trivial efforts to make capability advances for professional.
【Product Lines】 In-line Flexo Printing Machine FSP Off-line Flexo Printing Machine Chamber Dr. Blade Flexographic Printing Machine LL Off-line Flexo Printing Machine Heavy Duty Flexo Printing Machine Logo Flexo Printing Machine Flexographic Printing Machine for Biodegradable Plastic Bag Flexo Printing Machine Opional Equipment 【Company Intro】 LEEWIN brand Flexographic Printing Machines are suitable for reel-to-reel printings of fiber glass cloth, PP/PE woven bags, cellophane, aluminum foil, roller paper, packing paper, tubular films, and PP / HDPE / LDPE / LLDPE polyester bags.
KAO LU ENTERPRISES CO. is an professional Taiwanese manufacturer. With experience for over 40 years, it’s one of the leaders of the proportional pressure and flow control valves. With high-quality manufacturing techniques, their distributors spread all around the world.   【Video Outline】 Company Introduction Product Application & Competitiveness Product Introduction Main Customers Application on Medical and Biotech Equipment Application on Plastic and Rubber Equipment Advantages of the Era of Industry 4.0 Contact Information
【Machine Features】 The one-step plastic pelletizing machine, Repro-Flex, combine cutting, extrusion, and pelletizing into one compact and efficient pelletizer line. The cutter-compactor of the plastic pelletizing machine prepares the plastic waste (PE plastic film and PP plastic film waste) into an ideal condition for the extrusion process and feeds the plastic waste directly into the extruder. This integrated system does not require a separate crusher, and therefore, eliminates the problem of inconsistent feeding, reduces space and labor costs, and has lower energy consumption. Simple in Design. Flexible in Operation. POLYSTAR is able to customize its machines regarding customers’ needs. How this pelletizing system works: 1. Feeding a. By belt conveyor Feeding of scraps is easy and automatically controlled depending on the amount of material input. b. By Nip roller Film-on-rolls can be fed at the same time. 2. Cutting and compacting The cutter compactor integrated cuts, dries, and compacts the material which enables a fast and stable feeding from the compactor directly into the extruder. 3. Degassing system The two-zone degassing can process plastic film with larger printed areas. 4. Filtration Screen change with a dual channel system for non-stop operation that also prevents plastic material from leaking. 5. Pelletization Water-ring pelletizing system, also known as hot die face pelletizing, the plastic comes from the recycling extruder and is directly cut by the rotating knives attached to the surface of the die head. 6. Final Product Round-shaped recycled pellets are produced and cooled inside the water ring immediately. 【Company Intro】 Headquartered in Taiwan, POLYSTAR has focused on the user-friendliness of its machines through continuous re-engineering, making recycling extremely “Simple” for its users – Easy operation and maintenance is what makes POLYSTAR the No.1 selling recycling machine today. Over the past 32 years, more than thousands of POLYSTAR recycling machines have helped worldwide plastic producers to reprocess their post-industrial (in-house) waste back into high-quality pellets in a simple and easy way.
【Machine Features】 Plastic material has its own characters. In co-extrusion system. BONMART uses and combines several kinds of materials, therefore, the characters of single layer tube can't compete with the complex characters of co-extrusion tube. Glossy surface (using: EVOH / RESIN / PE)Extensive color combination (using: PE + PEARL / PE + PIGMENT)Excellent barrier property (using: PE / TIE RESIN / EVOH / TIE RESIN / PE) Scratch and dust free (using: LDPE / LDPE / LLDPE)Co-extrusion is used on pesticide container, toothpaste, side window, multicolor, long preservative cosmetic... etc. 【Company Intro】 BONMART offers complete-line including technology transfer, cost analysis, layout, installation, test run, training and satisfactory after sale services. Using our Squeezable PE Tube equipment is the best choice of good investment, Welcome to contact us for more details any time.
【Machine Features】 Taiwan-made and stable PLC controller The size control of Zipper Bag Side Sealing Machine is by servo motor. Made in Japan. Zipper Bag Side Sealing Machine is equipped mark sensor for printed material. For getting the best quality of zipper bag product, unwinding station is mount the auto tension control. The individual zipper strip unwinder with motor control to get the high quality of zipper sealing quality. Ultrasonic welding is design by motor driven for highest speed production. The ultrasonic welding station to crack the zipper on the edge of the bag for easy side sealing cutting. 【Company Intro】 Ming Jilee Enterprise Co., Ltd. is manufacturing film blowing machinery with materials of PP and LD/HDPE; PP thin and thick sheet making machine; waste recycling and pelletizing machine, stationery making machinery- can produce business file/data bag/file clip/photo pocket/name card pocket/index/bubble paper envelope; sealing & cutting machinery-side sealing bag/t-shirt bag.