Golfang treasures what have been entrusted... customizing special machine with molds for each customer. Golfang specializes in the development and manufacture of " single-stage injection stretch blow molding machine". Provide customers with a whole set of production equipment which includes customized machine and mold. Strictly control the quality and reliability of all assembly parts. Do the test runs repeatedly including mold testing and material testing before delivery. Obtain the most stable molding parameters based on the molding characteristics of the plastic specified by the customer and the adjustment during the bottle production. Meet the customer’s quality and production capacity requirements. Finally, after the machine acceptance, transfer the molding technique to the equipment user and do the personnel training. The equipment ca be run in full-time production with durability, high-efficiency, and high-stability, which creates the best return on investment for the customer. It is also the first choice for producing high-end plastic packaging containers when small quantities, varieties, and high quality are required at an early development stage. The Golfang team has accumulated many years of experience in the field of plastic product: PPSU baby bottles, PC/PMMA lampshades (LED light bulbs), HIPS yogurt bottles, PP/PE/PET medicine bottles, TRITAN water bottles, PET/PETG cosmetic bottles, household product bottles, etc... exquisite packaging containers. Also cooperated with the customers in developing products for well-known brands, include Pigeon, AVENT, Nuby, Yakult, Unilever, LOREAL, AVON, SHISEIDO, Pfizer, etc. Mold development is nothing more than a solution to product market demand. In the field of injection blow molding, Golfang insists on research, design, and manufacture of exclusive molds, and never relies on others, because we know that molds are designed and developed in response to the equipment. When customers evaluate and launch new product according to the market trend, what they need is stable quality and the chance to get ahead of the game. Therefore, with Golfang’s established and mature molding technique, whether it is the mold’s durability (2 million cycles guaranteed) or the delivery time, Golfang is always the most reliable choice for the customer. The common design of mold bases and mold parts is able to save mold costs and improve competitiveness for the customers. It provides them with the most economical solution. Golfang would communicate on product sizes beforehand and suggest for minor alteration. In such a way, Golfang gains good recognition from the customers.
.For non-conductive substrates .400~1600mm treat width available .One / Two side treatment .25mm segmented electrode finger .Φ 2.5” treatment roller
Machine for natural, synthetic, oil resistant,heat resistant and reclaimed rubber. High bed structure with direct clamping. PLC and HMI functional control as standard specification. Direct and indirect clamping structure. Specialized nozzle design to prevent material overflow. Specialized feeding device.
Have you wondered how PET bottles have been recycled? Where do recycled plastics go? BoReTech is a leading company in the plastic recycling industry, who strives to solve plastic waste and give it a second life. With more than 30 years experience in the industry, BoReTech is able to process different materials from different countries and gain know-how experiences. Lately, BoReTech has redesigned their washing line in a smaller footprint, which is 50% less surface area compared to their standard line.   Here are four improvements of the latest washing line called ES-process PET Bottle Recycling System. - Smaller Foot Print - Convenient in Maintenance - Environmental Protection and Sustainability - Quality Improvements   To be a global pioneer in the plastic recycling ingenuity, BoReTech has gradually moved towards the research, development, and design of the all-plastic recycling process. Let's keep our environment in ecological balance and promote global sustainable development.   【Video Outline】 0:00  Reduction of Carbon Emissions 0:52  BoReTech's Plastic Recycling Solution 1:32  Journey to Plastic Recycling 3:11  Development of BoReTech 3:54  Innovation & Integration to meet food-grade demand 4:38  BoReTech PET Bottle Recycling System 5:10  ES-process PET Bottle Recycling System 7:07  Market share of BoReTech in India & Japan 8:51  Service from BoReTech 9:46  Future Development & Mission
High-Speed ELS Rotogravure Printing Machine WRP-HHI-1300-10C series | WORLDLY Machine Specifications - Max machine speed: 350 m/min - Web width: 1000 / 1200 / 1300 mm - Printing cylinder circumference: 350 - 900 mm - Material diameter: 800 / 1000 mm - No. Color: 10 colors
As leading company of Screws and barrels in Taiwan, Nan Yun is able to provide the highest quality screw and barrel for Extruder Machine. We are continually researching new screw and barrel materials that would best fit the needs for pellet extruder or plastic pelletizing machine, which results in better mixing, and critical melt quality. Nan Yun's engineers work with our customers to provide the best possible extruder screw design for extruder machine such as PVC pelletizing machine, PE pelletizing equipment, Plastic pellet extruder.
Shredder Integrated recycling machine Features: -Can handle large heavy materials or thin-film materials 0:50 -Automatic backfllush screen changer,Reduce the screen changing labor cost 1:03 -Side Feeding Twin Screw design
T Shirt Bag Bag On Roll with core auto insert system - 32RTWDFA-VR-2 Plas Alliance has a variety of plastic bag on roll machines for customers to choose, and is committed to innovation and research and development. So far, it has developed a variety of bag making machines for various bag formats.   【T-Shirt Bag On Roll Making Machine Features】 High speed Continue feeding system available in 200/250/300rpm systems. Tension-less sealing avoids sealing line pull & elongation for high-speed production. Rotary Die cut by Magnetic cylinder with simple die cut blade exchange. Inverter controlled feeding matching main machine speed for easy operation without manual adjustment. Support to work for Jumbo film slitting into two separate roll with post gusset in line system by Option (or model : 36RTWDFA-VR+SLG2) Equipped with LCD touch panel, easy to operate Switch control to exchange bag making process without adjustment Bag re-wind in roll , paper CORE insert in line automatic End of Film, core auto STOP   【Machine Available System】 Tension-less sealing T shirt bag on roll Flat bag on roll S type bag on roll   【Company Intro】 “PAL- Working with you to create all types of bag making automation solutions!” Like the first companies in 1988 to create the first bottom seal bag machine started, and since then, we have been studying bag machine design, manufacturing, innovation and change with the bag, we have always kept up to date technology, continue to explore, develop more labor-saving, cost-saving bag machinery, to provide customers with a complete bag packaging solutions, growing up with customers, a business partner to create the pinnacle!  
With the German mold production capacity is 100BPH. The clamping force can reach 250~300kN, and it can produce 20 liter stacking jerry can. The machine can achieve energy saving and power saving in actual operation, with a 20-25% increase in output and a 20 decibel reduction in noise. With the Industry 4.0 SCADA system, it can collect real-time data and perform data monitoring in real time. Equipped with deflashing device and a robot arm, it can be used with the customer's automatic packaging production line or automatic filling production line; in addition, it can automatically detect whether the finished product is formed and whether the removal is completed, and if there are defective products, it will be automatically eliminated. Machine Data Model FK/EHB-55/65G/55T20SS Extruders 55 / 65 / 55mm, L/D=30:1 Main drive 25 / 60 / 25 HP Max.extrusion output 180kg/hr Clamp force 25 tons Platen size 680 mm H x 540mm W Production rate 100 BPH (cycle time: 36 sec.)
MACHINERY IN THE VIDEO: 3 Layer Air Bubble Film Extrusion Line from CHI CHANG MACHINERY APPLICATIONS: The main uses of the Air Bubble Sheet are: Packaging of electronic material with anti-static additive. Agricultural sector (green house) with anti-UV additive. Covering of swimming pool with anti-UV additive. Typical packaging with anti-shock, anti-abrasion and anti-crushing functions. Laminated with paper, PE woven and aluminum foil for making envelope.
Semi Automatic Hydro Dipping Machine with Lay film, Auto Spray Activator, and Production Arm. A powerful combination of all necessary important processes for WTP processing. From the very beginning laying, and the following activator spraying to the final dipping stage, done the main WTP process with only one button. This machine includes dipping tank, auto film layer and auto spray system. The combination of these 3 components not only makes WTP even simple, but more important– stable quality to the final product. The system can memorize multiple sets of different processes. This dipping machine is perfect for large product and medium quantities of production/day.
KT Series Injection Molding Machine Vertical mold clamping and injection, small footprint and high degree of precision. This machine is ideal for injection of medium and small products with inclusions. Dual-cylinder injection system offers high injecting pressure for fast operation, making this injection machine your best choice for production of thin items. Direct-pressure mold clamp allows even injection force, and the relatively low pressure means maximum precision and an incredibly smooth cycle of operation. Choose a platen or a rotary plate in accordance with the type of products to be injected, in order to achieve the best possible in feed and injection effects. This machine offers a wide range of programmable functions including automatic inclusion, extraction and fully-automatic production. There are also many other control systems that facilitate flexible production and keep costs low while maximizing precision.