Batch Weighing System

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Chemical Auto Weighting Device System

Category : Dosing and Measuring Equipment

1. High Precision 2. Less Pollution 3. Easy Clean 4. High Efficiency 5. More Data StorageDetails

Large Quantity Auto Weight Scaling System

Category : Dosing and Measuring Equipment

Powder Weighing Unit is designed to transport various powder materials into the weighting tank according the pre-set value (recipe). The powders are transported by screw conveyer automatically. Eve...Details

Automatic Batch Weighing and Mixing System

Category : Dosing and Measuring Equipment

Automatically measuring equipment for efficient mix and material processing. Equip with auto conveying system, batching system, mixer, kneader, extruder and steel construction plant. Discharge feed...Details

Batch-Off Machine

Category : Dosing and Measuring Equipment

Sheeting For Rubber Industries We will following customer inquiry to add stripping device、collecting device or metal detector, or other special device.Details

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Contribution to Circular Economy & ESG Implementation | GEORDING

In recent years, many manufacturers in the plastics industry have been aware of the environmental issues to reduce waste and protect our environment. 
Through the interview with the sales manager, Jessica Liu, she expressed the implementation of Reuse, Reduce and Recycle are core concepts to GEORDING. With the Refuse Derived Fuel production line, they could share the idea and provide assistance to lower greenhouse gas emissions.