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Intensive Mixer

Category : Compounding Lines

Compounding For Rubber、Plastic & Chemical Industries

1.Rotors: Two wings design with good cooling design. Excellent cooling ability. Anti-wearing treatment on the s...Details

HF-TS SERIES: Plastic Pellet Extruder ( Twin Screw )

Category : Compounding Lines

This pelletizing equipment (Twin screw pelletizing extrusion) is mainly applied to the thermal polymer compounding field, and we offer customized compounding solutions for any requests.
We s...Details

HF-S SERIES: Single Screw Pellet Extrusion Machine

Category : Compounding Lines

Mainly apply in the thermal polymer compounding field, and we can design a production line to meet the needs of customers in the pelletizing, plate, film, and pipe extrusion.
Applicable mate...Details

CaCO3 Compounding Plant

Category : Compounding Lines

1.Drivetrain: High torque precision gearbox.
2.Extruder is equipped with pressure sensors. Replace filter screen as necessary.
3.Filler masterbatch is used to mix with a plenty of pla...Details

High Filler Modified Compound Making Line (CaCo3, TiO2 or Talc)

Category : Compounding Lines

High Filler Modified Compound Making Line (CaCo3, TiO2 or Talc) Our High Filler Modified Compound Making Line uses our extruder machinery to process different types of compound materials into pelle...Details

Soft PVC Compounding Line

Category : Compounding Lines

JKH provides a customized Soft PVC Compounding Line for Masterbatch. Including a Mixer, Dispersion Kneader and Force Feeding Single Screw Extruder, PVC Compounding line produces high quality master...Details

PVC、EVA、PP/PE + CaCo3、LSNH PVC+NBR、TPR Compounding System

Category : Compounding Lines

•Pellets for Medical Tubes 
•Injection Tube (Medical Use) 
•Cable & Wire Pellets (LSNH)
•Cable & Wire Details