Compounding Lines

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High-Speed Dyeing & Pelletizing Production Line

Category : Compounding Lines

Suitable for masterbatch with fiber pelletizing, HDPE, LLDPE, LDPE, PP, PMMA, ABS, PC, Nylon, etc. Special screw design for compounding Changing material is easy Easy to operate Machine frame is ve...Details

HF-TS SERIES: Plastic Pellet Extruder ( Twin Screw )

Category : Compounding Lines

This pelletizing equipment (Twin screw pelletizing extrusion) is mainly applied to the thermal polymer compounding field, and we offer customized compounding solutions for any requests. We supply t...Details

Twin-Cone High Speed Pelletizing Machine-Air Cooling

Category : Plastic Pelletizer Machines

Twin-Cone High Speed Pelletizing Machine-Air CoolingDetails

CaCO3 Compounding Plant

Category : Compounding Lines

1.Drivetrain: High torque precision gearbox. 2.Extruder is equipped with pressure sensors. Replace filter screen as necessary. 3.Filler masterbatch is used to mix with a plenty of plastic raw mater...Details

Twin-Cone High Speed Pelletizing Machine-Die-Face Cutting

Category : Compounding Lines

Process Rubber/Plastic mixed material, EVA, TPR, PVC, CaCO3, PVB, PU, TPU compounding, various kinds of masterbatches pelletizing High capacity Low electricity usage Easy to clean and change materi...Details

Standard Model Dispersion Kneader

Category : Dispersion Kneaders

Compounding For Rubber、Plastic & Chemical Industries Features: This machine most suitable kneading application for all kind Rubber, Plastic and Chemical material This machine with following fe...Details

HF-S SERIES: Single Screw Pellet Extrusion Machine

Category : Plastic Pelletizer Machines

Mainly apply in the thermal polymer compounding field, and we can design a production line to meet the needs of customers in the pelletizing, plate, film, and pipe extrusion. Applicable materials :...Details