Compounding Lines

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CaCO3 Compounding Plant

Category : Compounding Lines

1.Drivetrain: High torque precision gearbox.
2.Extruder is equipped with pressure sensors. Replace filter screen as necessary.
3.Filler masterbatch is used to mix with a plenty of pla...Details

Intensive Mixer

Category : Compounding Lines

Compounding For Rubber、Plastic & Chemical Industries

1.Rotors: Two wings design with good cooling design. Excellent cooling ability. Anti-wearing treatment on the s...Details

HF-S SERIES: Single Screw Pellet Extrusion Machine

Category : Compounding Lines

Mainly apply in the thermal polymer compounding field, and we can design a production line to meet the needs of customers in the pelletizing, plate, film, and pipe extrusion.
Applicable mate...Details

HF-TS SERIES: Plastic Pellet Extruder ( Twin Screw )

Category : Compounding Lines

This pelletizing equipment (Twin screw pelletizing extrusion) is mainly applied to the thermal polymer compounding field, and we offer customized compounding solutions for any requests.
We s...Details