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Category : Inspecting and Testing Equipment

Viatran general purpose pressure transmitters/transducers fulfill the need for many applications where a high accuracy pressure sensor is not a requirement and no special fittings are needed. They ...Details

VL METER 1/8 DIN Panel Meter

Category : Indicators and Sensors

The VL digital meter, with exceptional flexibility, performance, and low cost is an ideal solution for a wide range of applicationsDetails

Dynisco 1490 – 5 Digit 1/8 DIN Panel Indicator

Category : In Mold Labeling Injection Molding Machines

• Universal input
• 2 alarm outputs
• Retransmission
• Min/max valuehold
• Modbus communications
• Transmitter power supplyDetails

SPX 5-Series

Category : Indicators and Sensors

■ 4-2 0mA loop-powered output
■ Improved accuracy with Dynalarity ±0.2% available
■ Wide selection of pressure ranges available
■ Turndown 3:1
■ Configurations available...Details


Category : Indicators and Sensors

Viatran's multi-purpose, easy-to-use DL Series analog input process meters are ideal for level, flow rate, temperature, or pressure transmitter applications. They accept current and voltage si...Details

SPX-T (3-Series)

Category : Inspecting and Testing Equipment

The SPX-T delivers the best spec performance in the line. These amplified transmitters eliminate the need for external signal conditioning. All models can interface directly with distributed contro...Details

Dynisco BenchMark™ Sensors: PTx, MDx, SPX, and Guardian Series

Category : Inspecting and Testing Equipment

Benchmark is our flagship sensor line, renowned for reliability, precision, and long life. Offering ± 0.15% to ± 0.5% combined error, simple installation, and repeatability, the Benchmark line incl...Details

SPX-2 Series

Category : Inspecting and Testing Equipment

Smart 4-20mA pressure transmitters designed for use in hazardous locations and are available with a variety of different process and electrical connections.Details

Dynisco Echo™ Melt Pressure Sensors

Category : Inspecting and Testing Equipment

Trusted for quality, reliability, and accurate performance at an affordable price, Echo melt pressure sensors are the perfect choice for less demanding applications. With stainless-steel wetted par...Details

Dynisco Burst Plugs BP420

Category : Indicators and Sensors

■ Welded one piece assembly – no degradation of joint
strength at elevated temperatures
■ Iconel rupture disk – stable through a wide range of
■ Burst press...Details

SPX 4-Series

Category : Indicators and Sensors

■ 4-20mA loop-powered output
■ +/- 0.25% accuracy available
■ Wide selection of pressure ranges available
■ Turndown 6:1
■ Configurations available for use in hazardous ...Details