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Side Entrance Two Stages Spaghetti Cutting Recycling & Pelletizing Machine

Category : Plastic Pelletizer Machines

Big material storage barrel sustains stability during material input.
User-friendly machine enables to reach high productivity standards.
Feeding production is more stable than tradit...Details

High Output Automatic Melt Filter - GEM

Category : Plastic Waste Recycling Machines

Differently from RAS, this model reaches a greater filtering surface due to the presence of two filtering meshes towards which all the melt is directed, alongside two scrapers and independent disch...Details

Plastic Pelletizing Machine with Crusher

Category : Plastic Pelletizer Machines


HF-S SERIES: Single Screw Pellet Extrusion Machine

Category : Compounding Lines

Mainly apply in the thermal polymer compounding field, and we can design a production line to meet the needs of customers in the pelletizing, plate, film, and pipe extrusion.
Applicable mate...Details

Mini Recycling Machine - Piranha Series

Category : Plastic Pelletizer Machines

Auto pellet length control via motor load to keep pellet length constant
Low temperature heat soak feature - 20 minutes to soak prior to starting
To build perfect granules in real-tim...Details

3 IN1 Two Stages Die-Face Cutting Recycling & Pelletizing Machine

Category : Plastic Pelletizer Machines

Smash and mix well, heat, dry.
High productivity, low noise.
Easy operation and low labor cost.
Two stag...Details

CaCO3 Compounding Plant

Category : Compounding Lines

1.Drivetrain: High torque precision gearbox.
2.Extruder is equipped with pressure sensors. Replace filter screen as necessary.
3.Filler masterbatch is used to mix with a plenty of pla...Details

Repet Wood WPC Granule Pelletizer Plant

Category : Plastic Pelletizer Machines

Indoor & outdoor building material
Outdoor furnitureDetails

GRANULATING SYSTEM: Water Ring Pelletizer System

Category : Granulators

Structure and function of our plastic water ring pelletizer system and machine.
Features and advantages of our plastic water ring pelletizing machine line.
Applicable plastic material...Details

Twin Screw PVC Pelletizing Machine.

Category : Plastic Pelletizer Machines

●Twin Screw Extruder 
●Die Face Cutting
●Vibration Cooler 
●Silo TankDetails

Force Hopper Feeding Plastic Recycling Machine (H Series)

Category : Plastic Pelletizer Machines

Economically Selection
A valuable selection for clean materials, without pre-heating section for feeding device, this reduces the power consumption. The axle made by special steel with heat ...Details


Category : Plastic Pelletizer Machines

Suitable for both soft and hard plastics (films, bags, flakes, bottles, yarns and injection molded materials)
Easy operation & maintenance
Special design of die face and cutter ensuri...Details

Plastic Recycling Machine - Gator Series

Category : Plastic Waste Recycling Machines

Applicable materials : HDPE , LDPE and PP.
Designed for high material process stability and production.
Vent design on the barrel evaporates the volatiles from the recycled material.<...Details

PVC Plastic Pellet Making Machine

Category : Plastic Pelletizer Machines

Suitable for:PVC compound, rigid PVC, rigid waste recycle
Soft PVC:DOP40%~100%Details

Pelletizing & Recycling System

Category : Plastic Pelletizer Machines

For PP, HDPE and LLDPE recycling.Details

Automatic Melt Filter for High Contamination- ERA

Category : Bottle Recycling Lines

ERA is made of two internal filtration chambers and two independent discharge valves, thus enabling to setup a pre-filtration on the first step and a finer one in the second, all in the same machin...Details

GRANULATING SYSTEM: Underwater Pelletizer

Category : Granulators

Underwater pelletizer with advanced water cooling technology.
Energy saving, Easy Operation Underwater Pelletizing System.
Mainly used for plastic materials such as PP、TPU、TPR、TPE ...Details

Recycling Line (Pelletizing)

Category : Plastic Pelletizer Machines

The recycling line transforms re-granulate to pellet form as a valuable secondary resource which could be used again in production. It helps the customer reduce the percentage of waste materials pr...Details

Sound-proof Central Granulators - SG-43-50-70

Category : Granulators

SG-43 series are suitable for centralized recycling of waste and rejected parts form injection, blowing molding and extrusion lines. This series feature compact design, easy operation and quick bla...Details

Feeder-Ruder Pellet Making Extruder

Category : Rubber Recycling Machines

This new model Feeder-Ruder Pellet Extruder usage for extruding and pellet producing after Plastic or Rubber compound mixing in the Dispersion Kneader and conveying to the hopper of this machine.Details

Shredder Integrated Recycling Machine :Repro-one

Category : Plastic Shredders

One step technology for PP raffia, woven and PE/PP Film wasteDetails

HF-FTO 3 In 1 Series:3 in 1 Pelletizing Extrusion / Extruder Pelletizer

Category : Granulators

Produced by experienced plastic recycling extruder machine manufacturer.
Suitable for handling differences of materials.
Suitable for processing most of the thermoplastic materials.Details

KS-VX Series Water Cooling Type

Category : Plastic Pelletizer Machines

K.S. became a worldwide company; have achieved ISO 9002 certificate's requirements. K.S. machinery conforms to CE standard. Moreover, every machine must pass K.S. strict and careful quality co...Details


Category : Granulators

Advanced strand pelletizer for most plastic materials.
Specialize in manufacturing of the plastic strand pelletizing system.
PARTECO plastic granulating machine is applicable to most ...Details

Strand Pelletizing System

Category : Plastic Pelletizer Machines

Minimize The Powder Waste
Suitable for higher MI or sticky materials. Production line is equipped with high-precision pellets cutter and specially designed vibrating screener.Details

Force Feeding Two Stages Spaghetti Cutting Recycling & Pelletizing Machine

Category : Plastic Pelletizer Machines

High torsion, low-noice; temp. controls stability; double degassing
Suitable for a variety of raw materials.
Easy to operate; prority transcends traditional model.
With two hol...Details