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SINO-ALLOY MACHINERY INC. manufactures a full line of Co-Rotating Twin Screw Extruders. Typical applications for our product line include Polymer Alloying, Reinforcement, Reaction, Degassing, Master Batch Manufacture, and Filling. We also offer an extensive line of Auxiliary Equipment to complement our extruders, as well as Turn-Key Compounding Technology in conjunction with our affiliate POLYALLOY INC.
Sino-Alloy's family of PSM co-rotating twin-screw extruders have been developed for use anywhere from laboratories and institutions to large-volume production facilities. Each new model of PSM extruder arguably leads the plastic compounding industry with the integration of experience and technology. Breakthrough accomplishments at Sino-Alloy are continually changing the nature of compounding.
All PSM series machines are production-tested through runs at POLYALLOY INC. prior to new product announcements or market availability. Sino-Alloy's team of skilled and educated personnel closely monitors hardware reliability and integrated software performance to detect faults and opportunities for improvement.
Our experience enables us to continuously improve the efficiency and quality of our machines while meeting and exceeding the standards expected by our customers.

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Contact person: Mike Chen
Country: Taiwan
Address: No.45, Jingjian 2nd Rd., Guanyin Dist., Taoyuan City 32853, Taiwan
Telephone: 886-3-4838475
Fax: 886-3-4839052

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