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Slitter Rewinder Economical Series FSL

Category : Slitters and Rewinders

The FSL Economical Slitter Rewinder has sold more than 1200 units since 1982. Unskilled operator can be familiarized with machine in a short time. Flexible manufacturing system permits for fast del...Details

Fully Automatic Servo-Driven Triple-Lane T-Shirt Bag Making Machine With Hot Slit Seal & Post Gusset Unit

Category : Plastic Bag Making Machines

Series;TPA-1000SHP2, TPA-1100SHP2, TPA3-1200SHP2

●  Unique designed with easy change between T-Shirt Bag and Calendar(option).
●  Servo Driven system with hot slit seal and p...Details

Post-gusseting rewinding machine TRGT

Category : Slitters and Rewinders

Heat-trimming + Post-gusset device - Heated trimming knife trim and seal edge of film. Post-gusset device blow up and gusset tubic film from both sides and rewinder rewind bobbin film.


Category : Slitters and Rewinders

The World Steel perforation and slitting machine is the best choice when it comes to customizing your film for packaging and agricultural applications. It is able to process a range of types of sin...Details

Inspection / Rewinding Machine Reversible Type( WDI Series)

Category : Inspection Machines

Worldly WDI series machine has rewinding & inspection functions. Unwind section with E.P.C device control. Outfeed motor by AC vector driver. Standard type inspection machine make operate simply & ...Details

Automatic Packing Tape Slitting & Rewinding Machine

Category : Slitters and Rewinders

BOPP tape, cellophane tape, masking tape… (according to customer informed material)

Double Layers 6 Lines T-Shirt Bag Making Machine with Auto Packing Device Model: CWA2+6+ATP-800-SV/CWA2+6+ATP-1000-SV

Category : Slitters and Rewinders


Rewinding Machine FSR-800

Category : Slitters and Rewinders

For re-reeling operation of slit rolls with uneven edges or tension. FSR Rewinding Machine will help you to achieve high quality re-reeling, even without the use of an advanced slitting machine.Details

Film Sanding Machine (WSF Series)

Category : Slitters and Rewinders

Worldly WSF series sander machine can doing scratch effect on the film. Especially on the metalized film. It can treat film like metal surface. Each emery roller and clean roller speed can be indiv...Details

800 Rewind Slitter Rewinder FSL-TX Series

Category : Slitters and Rewinders

800 Rewind Slitter Rewinder has been purposely designed for large rewinding OD requirement, for slitted product OD as large as 800mm. With a solid unwinding stand and an all new rewinding shaft str...Details

Slitting Machine

Category : Slitters and Rewinders

Application:Optical film, Composite film material...etc

Doctoring and Rewinding Machine Series-FSE

Category : Slitters and Rewinders

-Quality inspection of round rolls.
-Surface inspection after printing.
-Roll small rolls into big rolls or vice versa.
-For quality inspection for converting materials, electr...Details

Bale Net

Category : Industrial Knitting Machines


Slitter Rewinder Superior Type-FSL-T

Category : Slitters and Rewinders

FSL-T Slitter Rewinder is designed for slitting all types of flexible packaging films, photonics and optical materials. Such as cellophane, PET, OPP, CPP, PE, PVC, paper rolls, counterfeit-proof la...Details

Slitting Machine(WS-M Series)

Category : Slitters and Rewinders

Slitting Machine(WS-M Series)Details

Rewinding Machine DOCTOR-300FB(D3)

Category : Slitters and Rewinders

- Cantilevered unwind and rewind
- High speed roll doctoring with precision
- Auto. reverse function
- Unwind and rewind edge guides
- Closed loop tension control

Fully Automatic PE Cling Film Rewinder Machine

Category : Slitters and Rewinders

Designed to rewind small rolls from jumbo rolls
RW-1 for rewinding fixed width film 300mm, fully automatic feed paper core, rewind, cut & change paper core.
RW-2 for rewinding width f...Details

Slitting And Extension Machine SE-120-N2

Category : Slitters and Rewinders

Slitting and extension machine is progressive flat yarn feeding equipment for knitting machine which instead of traditional yarn feeding mode like creel or beam. The material is PE film which has n...Details

Automatic Slitting Machine AFC-700SE

Category : Slitters and Rewinders

Unique Material Moving Mechanism:
Designed according to the characteristics of photoelectric materials to avoid scratching the material.

High-Flexibility Parameter Setting:<...Details

Sleeve Rewinding and Inspection Machine - Reversible Series-FSP 250-2

Category : Slitters and Rewinders

The FSP-250-2 is an ideal re-reeling machine for round roll material inspecting process such as printing, surface or the seaming quality of shrink sleeves. 2 motors driven system and memorized reve...Details

Film Slitting Extension Machine

Category : Slitters and Rewinders

This slitting extension machine is located in front and rear of a film slitting extension machine, which is used to slit a HDPE film and extend, then yarns are fed directly to the film slitting ext...Details

Slitting Machine Standard Series FSL-K

Category : Slitters and Rewinders

One of the HCI best selling slitting machine, Over 1,400 units sold worldwide. A mature model with all the standardized components. Flexible specifications are available with a variety of optional ...Details

Inspection / Rewinding Machine – Cantilever Type (WCI Series)

Category : Slitters and Rewinders

Inspection / Rewinding Machine – Cantilever Type (WCI Series)Details

Tape Slitting Machine

Category : Slitters and Rewinders

BOPP tape, cellophane tape, masking tape… (according to customer informed material)

Cutting Piece Machine (YSW-CP)

Category : Cutting Machines

• This machine provides slitting and cutting functions.
• Finished product can be collected by row needs, and the operator simply needs to unload it.Details