Classification : Narrow Slitter & Inspection
Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Vicky Chen
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Film Accumulation
Unilux Strobe & Operator View Table
Razor & Shear Knifes
Twin Differential Rewinds
Digital Edge Guide
Unwind & Splice Tables
Foot Pedals
Touch Screen
Web Gripper




Unsupported film structures & self adhesive label stock

Available widths



300 meters per minute

Unwind diameter

800mm / 1000mm

Rewind diameter


Core sizes

1- 6” standard 3” (76”mm)

Unwind splice table


Unwind tension system

Auto control by load cell

Unwind shaft

Cantilever air shaft

Unwind tension control

Driven AC vector motor

Unwind edge guide

E+L Germany – ultra sonic edge; Line & edge optional

Separate unwind for 1000mm diameter unwind rolls


Nip design

Driven ac vector motor, pneumatically actuated

Rewind operator view table

Standard; synchronized strobe

Rewind shafts

Twin shaft – bi directional

Rewind standard shafts

Quick change air shaft

Rewind differential shaft option

Camlock design – width 20 & 25mm

Rewind tension system

Auto control by independent load cell for each shaft

Rewind tension control

Independent twin driven AC vector motors

Lay-on roller for rewind shafts

N Standard

Web clamps for rewinds


Waste & trim removal


Splice table


Razor Slitting

Standard – 3 knives

Shear slitting

Standard – 3 knives - cartridge

Smart label counter management system – two systems available

The LC1 smart counter uses advanced technology complemented by advanced inspection algorithms for precise label count.

The LC2 smart counter uses advanced technology for precise label count, multi-lane missing label detection, matrix remains detections and automatic fault positioning/management system.

Flag detection


Missing label sensors

8 Channel optional

Capacitive sensor


Reflective sensor


Vision system for 100% inspection separate stand for vision system installation

Accumulation included for fault position, fault will stop at operator viewing table.
If fault defect confirmed, operator jogs fault to splice table.
Machine speed during 100% inspection – 300m/min
Optional –web guide system and mechanical device for swing table for vision system requirements.