Vacuum Loaders

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Hopper Mounted Auto Vacuum Loader

Category : Loaders and Conveyors

BC series Use high speed, powerful, single phase commutator motor and is the smallest and the most economical loader in our range. Compact size, light weight, low noise, easy operation and installa...Details

“Standard” Separate-vacuum Hopper Loaders - SAL-G

Category : Loaders and Conveyors

  • Stainless steel hopper and with motor overload protection.
  • Audible material shortage alarm.
  • Independent filter designed for easy maintenance.
  • SAL-700G/81...Details

2-in-1 Conveying Dryer (CD)

Category : Loaders and Conveyors

Hopper dryer combine vacuum loader is perfect to move anywhere for your need. A stainless insulated hopper dryer with dual layer to help drying better and faster. Save more energy and increase high...Details

Floor Mounted Auto Vacuum Loader

Category : Loaders and Conveyors

The separated design of a blower and a suction hopper with mighty horsepower is suitable for long distance conveying. The flexible combination of one blower with one suction hopper up to four sucti...Details

Separate vacuum Hopper Loaders SAL-UG

Category : Loaders and Conveyors

SAL-UG series separate-vacuum hopper loaders are based on the established design and now feature more attractive appearance, better performance, and improved ease of operation. The whole range comp...Details