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Rotogravure Coating Machine Tandem Type (WRC-DT Series)
Rotogravure Coating Machine Tandem Type (WRC-DT Series)

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WORLDLY's tandem type coating machine is adapting rotogravure precision coating in high speed to coat on the either wide or narrow material. it works simultaneously by connecting two machines or operate separately to acquire the uppermost productive benefit.With 6 heating chambers equipped with specially designed nozzles to help temperature stabilized as desired. Not only a LEL device and anti-explosive safety valve are there to have safety secured but also Hot air recycling system is designed to achieve 30-40% energy saving. The whole machine is controlled by PLC, in addition the temperature and the wind velocity are monitored by human-machine interface thus the production can be smooth and stable. Besides, the machine can work with vacuum metalizer to produce metalized film.