Drying Loaders

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Self Contained Hopper Loaders SAL-U

Category : Loaders and Conveyors

SAL-U series self-contained hopper loaders are Euro design with stainless steel hopper to avoid material contamination. In addition, it has an attractive appearance, a sound-proof motor cover to re...Details

Drying Loaders - SDL-U

Category : Loaders and Conveyors

SDL-U drying loader integrates two-stage conveying and drying into single unit, which can efficiently dry most of standard hygroscopic plastics, such as PS, PP, and other plastics. The two-stage co...Details

Multi Station Hopper Loaders SAL-UG122/124

Category : Loaders and Conveyors

  • "One-to-Two or One-to-Four" hopper loader can greatly lower the cost.
  • The dust collective chamber features a cyclone separator and a dust collective bin to effective...Details

“Standard” Self-contained Hopper Loaders - SAL

Category : Loaders and Conveyors

SAL series of models are mainly used beside injection molding machines, extrusion machines or other machines to dry the plastic materials, which are installed on the drying hopper directly. It also...Details

“Standard” Drying Loaders - SDL-G

Category : Loaders and Conveyors

SDL series “Standard” Drying loaders integrate plastic drying and loading into one unit. Especially applicable to those large injection moulding machine which are placed in height limit...Details

Central Safety Filters

Category : Loaders and Conveyors

SCSF series central safety filter in central loading system adopts large dust collector to filter dust and small impurities in material so can effectively protect blower and prolong its service lif...Details