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Static Mixing Screws

Category : Screws and Barrels

Static Mixing ScrewsDetails

Screws And Barrels For PVC Extrusion

Category : Screws and Barrels

Nan Yun is one of most experienced screw and barrel design and manufacturer in Taiwan, who are manufacturing a wide array of PVC extruder Screw and Barrel which is the essential part of PVC extrusi...Details

Bi-metallic Screws and Barrels

Category : Screws and Barrels

Over Welding of nickel based alloy on top of the thread surface (screw) and internal diameter (barrel). +Evenly hardened surface with 2mm thickness. +Hardness will not decrease under normal tempera...Details

Planetary Screws/Barrels

Category : Screws and Barrels

Comparing to single screw and twin screw extruder Planetary screw is able to perform serveral times better on plastification and homogeneity, and the planetary roller screw and barrel design become...Details

Mixing Screws

Category : Screws and Barrels

+For resins such as talcum powder with high viscosity and mixing difficulty. +To improve the mixing effect which can also work with screws for all kinds of resins. +To be made of SKD61 through s...Details