Tube Heading Injection Molding Machine

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Fully Automatic Heading Machine (RIH-40-04 )

Category : Injection Molding Machines by Platen

RIH series makes shoulder for PE tube and laminated tube. It runs fully automatically by touch screen and designs the safety mechanism for operators. There is an orientation system for I-Mark so it...Details

6 Cavities Automatic Injection Heading Machine RIH-60-06

Category : Injection Molding Machines by Platen

Touch panel control.Suitable for both Oval and Round tubes production.Headed tube with orifice design available.Fully automatic controlling by servo motors: Loading/unloading system, Drillingorific...Details

Heading Machine (Computerized)

Category : Injection Molding Machines by Platen

With 250 sets memory storage in the computer and the monitor which can show the operating status.Insert tubes manually and remove tubes with air blowing unit.Double heading mould for fast running.M...Details

Multi-Layer Co-Extrusion Line EDC-08-05

Category : Cutting Machines

Plastic material has its own characters. In co-extrusion system. We use and combine several kinds of materials, therefore, the characters of single layer tube can't compete with the complex cha...Details

Automatic Accumulator & Transfer Control System

Category : Extrusion Coating Machines

Automatically storage functions. Available to connect with outer diameter control unit, to separate / remove defect tube via conveyor, not into accumulator. Automatically separate / remove tubes wh...Details