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Pump Unit

Category : Pumps

The hydraulic pump ensures tight and stable die clamping and allows the system to maintain clamping pressure on the mold even when there is a power failure or air pressure drops. The PCB Fine Pierc...Details

Screw Pump - SPA

Category : Screws and Barrels

SPA is a revolutionary machine: a screw pump that allows to easily transport plastic melt from the extruder to the filter without using gears, it works with a single screw and requires very low mai...Details


Category : Pumps

FUNCTION Use air to drive hydraulic pump. Once the outlet hydraulic pressure reaches the setting pressure, it will stop driving and won't waste any energy. If the outlet pressure is reducing, i...Details

Gear Pumps Polymer Resin

Category : Pumps

  • 90% strong volume rate guarantee.
  • Low EGR rate for fast and stable supply of flow.
  • Pressure difference between inlet and outlet: up to 150 Bar.
  • Gear enab...Details

Gear Pumps Rubber / Silicone

Category : Pumps

  • Made to customer orders, including rubber and silica .

Hydraulic Servo Energy Saving System

Category : Pumps

Pioneer products that lead the plastics machinery industry to energy-saving, green-environmental protection.Details