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EASYLINK|IoT Injection Molding

Category : Industrial Robots

IoT injection molding|EASYLINK smart system is integrate and processes all data of the machine for these functions:
[Production Monitoring]
[Quality Management]
[Abnormal Insp...Details

Four Axis Industrial Robot - SR6IA

Category : Industrial Robots

Widely used in a variety of applications such as grabbing, handling, gluing, and splitting.
Repeated positioning accuracy and dynamic response.
Through the controller and software, th...Details

CNC AC Servo Beam Robots - Redstone Series

Category : Industrial Robots

The Redstone series of robotic arms are used in various types of plastic horizontal injection molding machines of 50-800 tons. There are 3-axis and 5-axis AC servo drives. The finished arm is for t...Details

Servo Robot For Mobile Frame Loading

Category : Industrial Robots

This robot is used for automatic embedding feeding device for steel sheets for I.M.M, which solves the problem of manual insert(low efficiency, high scrap rate and high production cost).

Servo Driven Beam Robots - Bomarc series

Category : Industrial Robots

Bomarc Series is applicable to all types of horizontal injection machine of 50T to 600T for take-out of products and sprues. Vertical stroke is 600mm to 1200mm. The traverse axle is driven by inver...Details

PET Preform Beam Robots - Explorer Series

Category : Industrial Robots

The preform is taken out and is suitable for each type of preform injection machine of 160-550 tons, and a preform of 16-48 holes is taken out.
Mounted on the fixing plate, after removal, th...Details

Robot products

Category : Industrial Robots

It includes vertical 6-axis robot, horizontal 4-axis robot, parallel robot,Details

4 Axis Punching Robot

Category : Industrial Robots

● Model: PR- 5iC/1250A4
● Load capacity: ≤5kg
● Repeat positioning accuracy: ±0.05mmDetails

CNC AC Servo Beam Robots - New Titan Series

Category : Industrial Robots

The New Titan series of robotic arms are used in 650-4000 tons of various plastic horizontal injection molding machines, 3-axis servo drive, arm for taking out products, and the upper and lower arm...Details

Swing arm Robot SS

Category : Industrial Robots

The SS series robot is designed for rapid and precise removal of sprue or runner from injection moulding machine, and place them into granulator for recycling. Simple product removal is applicable ...Details

5 Axis Punching Robot

Category : Industrial Robots

● Model: PR- 5iC/1250A5
● Load capacity: ≤5kg
● Repeat positioning accuracy: ±0.05mmDetails

Special Robots Series for Lathe

Category : Industrial Robots

The super-strong body structure design adopts the gantry structure. The robot can be installed on the machine tool, tooling or independently installed on the ground, which is convenient and quick.<...Details

Swing Arm Robots - Phoenix Series

Category : Industrial Robots

Fast speed, high efficiency, low noise, long life, economical molding industry, the most economical choice, multiple patent approvals, Phoenix series, 30-280 tons of various horizontal injection mo...Details

Two Axes Servo Driven ST2

Category : Industrial Robots

The ST2 series robot is designed for rapid and precise removal of sprue and products from injection molding machine. One arm and double arms, standard and telescopic arm(s) are selectable according...Details

Standard Three Axes Servo Driven Robot ST3-S

Category : Industrial Robots

The ST3 Series robot is designed for rapid and precise removal of products from injection molding machine, and place them at desired locations. Standard and telescopic arm are selectable to coopera...Details

6 Axis Industrial Robot - AR50IA

Category : Industrial Robots

For Universal HandlingDetails

4 Axis Palletizing Robot

Category : Plastic Pelletizer Machines

● PR-15iA/1500A4
● PR-30iA/1800A4Details


Category : Industrial Robots

•Servo motor controlled, side-entry robot, best accessor of rapid molding.
•Two axis servo motor.
•Bearing linear guide system, more stable and durable.
•Molded parts with arti...Details

THS 1300/1500/1800W

Category : Industrial Robots

3Asix servo drive
Pick up time :0.5sec,Cycle time:2.9 sec.
Huge traverse chain ensure cable/tubing durability
Motor thermal design long durable life
Full colour touch s...Details

IML System-W8 Series

Category : In Mold Labeling Injection Molding Machines


Swing Robot-W27 Series

Category : Industrial Robots

•6 standard programs for easy set up. 
•25 programs for free teaching can be stored. 
•Hand held pendant houses a backlight LCD-display.
•Error messages. 


Category : Industrial Robots

The whole machine used a linear slide drive
Slide rails are equipped with automatic oiling device
In line with the needs of high-speed machine designDetails