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EPC - Control

Category : Flexo Printing Parts

Flexo Printing Machine Opional EquipmentDetails

Tension Control Camera

Category : Flexo Printing Parts

The auto tension control is from Italy, Europe, which is used for monitoring print position, resulting in easy monitoring.Details

Differential Shaft/ Friction Ring

Category : Mold Parts

For differential shaft use- HCI quick lock ring can handle various torqueses between differential shaft and friction ring providing uniform rewinding tension for each reel. Rewinding speed differen...Details

Pressure Clamps

Category : Mold Parts

This pneumatic type clamp is fixed on plate, unified die/mold dimensions are required. Mainly used in clean room.Details

Precision Air Cutter / Aluminum Extrusion Air Cutter / Vacuum Blower

Category : Industrial Knives


Manual Blown Film Winder

Category : Blown Film Extruder Parts

The classic Manual Blown Film Winder is the basic and most economical type. For the use of manual type, it is more suitable for film width which is not that wide since it needs to use manual operat...Details

TS Swing Type Clamps

Category : Mold Parts

This system is hydraulically controlled and uses a swing motion to lock the dies or plates in place once it is positioned. It offers very secure clamping and is available in three different models.Details

Co-Rotating Twin-Screw Extruder Screws / Barrels

Category : Screws and Barrels

The screw and barrel Nan Yun designs and manufactures for twin-screw extruder enables the continuous production of highly homogeneous and finely structured productsDetails

Gear Pumps Polymer Resin

Category : Pumps

  • 90% strong volume rate guarantee.
  • Low EGR rate for fast and stable supply of flow.
  • Pressure difference between inlet and outlet: up to 150 Bar.
  • Gear enab...Details

Ceramic Band Heater

Category : Heating Equipment

ARICO|Customed Ceramic Band Heater Manufacturer
Arico is a global customed Ceramic Band Heater manufacturer and supplier, dedicated to improving the thermal insulation, energy saving, servi...Details

DR Die Lifter

Category : Mold Parts

These Spring-Loaded Die Lifters easily slide into different sized T or U-slots on the bolster by adding spacers to the side walls of the Die Lifters. This allows for accurate and easy die positioni...Details

Gear Box for Parallel / Conical & Co-rotating / Counter-rotating Twin Screw Extruders

Category : Gearboxes

Equipped with precise gearbox newly developed by ourselves,our extruder features improved performance, high efficiency, and extended service life. We also produce and export various kinds of extrud...Details

Anti - Static

Category : Flexo Printing Parts

Anti-static is using to eliminate static in high speed printing environment to keep your rewind roll tidy.Details

DL Die Lifter

Category : Mold Parts

The hydraulic DL type Die Lifter is designed for very heavy duty dies and very heavy load weights. The scrap guard/scrapers keep the roller surfaces free from scraps and the rollers are arranged ti...Details


Category : Heating Equipment

Others ProductsARICO - The Best Solution Of Others Products ARICO Technology and worldwide's rubber and plastic injection industry manufacturers have cultivated a long and stable co-operation r...Details

Extruder Screws and Barrels

Category : Extrusion Dies / Dies Heads

We develop and product single screws and twin-screw, their diameter ranges up to 132mm and their length to 3700mm . We only use material that imported from Germany or Japan once the geometry has be...Details

Injection Molding Screws And Barrels For Rubber Injection Molding

Category : Screws and Barrels

Nan Yun's injection molding screw design team is able to provide ideal scrwe solutions for injection molding screw application. As the largest screw and barrel manufacture in Taiwan, Nan Yun ha...Details

Fixed Clamps

Category : Mold Parts

The Die / Mold Cart System can also use pneumatic type fixed clamps to securely clamp the mold in place. These high quality fixed type clamps allow for repeatable, high pressure clamping with less ...Details

Power Unit

Category : Mold Parts

The power unit powers the hydraulic pump which keeps the die clamps in place. This power unit is self-contained and it yields enough hydraulic power to suit the toughest clamping requirements. Furt...Details

Disc Coupling

Category : Gears

(1) NO-LUBRICATION REQUIRED: No lubricants are needed and no noises or wear and tear produced because there is no sliding or friction. (2) MAINTENANCE-FREE: ”LEAVE IT FOR GOOD AFTER INSTALL...Details

Static Mixing Screws

Category : Screws and Barrels

Static Mixing ScrewsDetails

Screws and Barrels for Profile Extruders

Category : Screws and Barrels

+Suitable for all kinds of PVC profile products. +High production & high mixing. +The bi-metallic screw is wear-resisting & long life span.Details

Stacked & Multilayer Type Die Heads

Category : Extrusion Dies / Dies Heads

+For all kinds of blown film machines and it is suitable for multi-layer products. +The stacked design provides high stability & good quality.Details

Precision Gears

Category : Gears

(1) Custom Design, double check by Germany KLINGELNBERG P150 MEASURING TRIAL EQUIPMENT to optimize its overall quality and precision. (2) Follow ISO 9001-2008 version, UT, MT testing are available ...Details

Screw Pump - SPA

Category : Screws and Barrels

SPA is a revolutionary machine: a screw pump that allows to easily transport plastic melt from the extruder to the filter without using gears, it works with a single screw and requires very low mai...Details