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Labeling Machine

Category : Labeling Machines

-Registered & non-registered labeling on single side. -Registered & non-registered labeling on both sides. -Automatic tube feeding board. -Automatic tube unloading by blowing system. -Auto-...Details

Automatic Labeling and Capping M/C

Category : Labeling Machines

There are two functions in this machine, and it can run individually or synchronously. Including automatic tube feeding conveyor. No tube, no labeling, no capping. Optional function: lacquering and...Details

In-mold Labeling Machine

Category : Labeling Machines

High precision of labeling, stable. Complete neat labeling without wrinkle or bubbles. Can be used for labeling for round bottle, small taper bottle and square bottle; multi-purpose of one machine ...Details

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Contribution to Circular Economy & ESG Implementation | GEORDING

In recent years, many manufacturers in the plastics industry have been aware of the environmental issues to reduce waste and protect our environment. 
Through the interview with the sales manager, Jessica Liu, she expressed the implementation of Reuse, Reduce and Recycle are core concepts to GEORDING. With the Refuse Derived Fuel production line, they could share the idea and provide assistance to lower greenhouse gas emissions.