Rubber Cooling Machines

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Conveyer of Fan Cooling Machine FCC

Category : Rubber Cooling Machines

Rubber, plastic / EVA, mingle banbury and mixing roll and then become strip shape, through this device and immerse plastic material in the Adhesive Proof Agent, again use Cooling Fan for water dryi...Details

Pellets Cooling、Selecting、Collecting Unit

Category : Plastic Pelletizer Machines

This unit include Pellets Cooling, Selecting and Collecting after the pellets cutting from Extruder.Details

Rubber Cooling Machine

Category : Rubber Cooling Machines

Rubber, Silicone, EVA, Synthetic materialsDetails


Category : Rubber Cooling Machines

Sheeting For Rubber Industries

We will following customer inquiry to add stripping device、collecting device or metal detector, or other special device.Details


Category : Rubber Cooling Machines

The main function of batch off machine is for cooling and storage of rubber sheet. Then, the rubber sheet after cooling will be delivered to next process.
The cooling method of batch off mac...Details

Batch Off Machine (Hanger Type & Net Type & Hanger Carriage Type)

Category : Rubber Cooling Machines

This Machine For Rolls To Sheet Cooling Equipment, We Have 「Hanger Type」「Net Type」「Hanger Carriage Type」 Three Kind, The Cooling Type Have 「Water Cooling」「Fan Cooling」「Air Cooling」 Thre...Details