Rubber Cooling Machine (Water Type)

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  • The machine can offer fast cooling of the rubber sheet to the desired temperature. This process ca prevent non-vulcanized rubber sheets from sticking together during stacking, reducing the possibility of deterioration.
  • Eliminating contamination of powder dust, and improving the quality of the environment.
  • Cooling water of this machine can add anti-stick agent Antitack-161
  • The machine adopt DC motor or inverter controlled AC motor, providing variable speed adjustment with maximum speed up to 25M/min.
  • Operating method adopt button and rotator switch for controlling speed.
  • Cutting device could be set up after sheeting for simplifying production process, and save labor cost
Model YC-500(standard) YC-500L (lengthen) YC-502 (dual tank)
Sheet size L10~¥M × W 550 mm × T 1~10 mm
sheeting speed 10~25 M/min.
Tank 1 1 2
Tank capacity 750L 1130L 1130L
Machine size L2850×W1110×H1420mm L3850×W1110×H1420mm L3850×W1110×H1420mm
N.W. 650 kgs 750 kgs 750 kgs
Options discharge cutting device
10 tons refrigerating device (10tons chiller + cooling tower)
15 tons refrigerating device (15tons chiller + cooling tower)
20 tons refrigerating device (20tons chiller + cooling tower)

Specifications are subject to change without notice for design improvement.

The specification can be designed by customers demand.


Rubber, Silicone, EVA, Synthetic materials