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Hammer Union Pressure Transmiter

Category : Indicators and Sensors

Patented* Design to withstand extreme vibration and abusive impact

Impervious to Fluid Ingress with patented angled connector base, drain holes, and sealing method


SPX-T (3-Series)

Category : Inspecting and Testing Equipment

The SPX-T delivers the best spec performance in the line. These amplified transmitters eliminate the need for external signal conditioning. All models can interface directly with distributed contro...Details

Dynisco Burst Plugs BP520

Category : Inspecting and Testing Equipment

The Dynisco Model BP520 burst plugs are custom assemblies with
pop-top burst indication that are a design option on extruder barrel
assemblies. Burst Plugs (also known as rupture disk...Details

SPX 4-Series

Category : Indicators and Sensors

■ 4-20mA loop-powered output
■ +/- 0.25% accuracy available
■ Wide selection of pressure ranges available
■ Turndown 6:1
■ Configurations available for use in hazardous ...Details


Category : Inspecting and Testing Equipment

Viatran general purpose pressure transmitters/transducers fulfill the need for many applications where a high accuracy pressure sensor is not a requirement and no special fittings are needed. They ...Details

Dynisco Burst Plugs BP420

Category : Indicators and Sensors

■ Welded one piece assembly – no degradation of joint
strength at elevated temperatures
■ Iconel rupture disk – stable through a wide range of
■ Burst press...Details

Dynisco Echo™ Melt Pressure Sensors

Category : Inspecting and Testing Equipment

Trusted for quality, reliability, and accurate performance at an affordable price, Echo melt pressure sensors are the perfect choice for less demanding applications. With stainless-steel wetted par...Details

SPX 5-Series

Category : Indicators and Sensors

■ 4-2 0mA loop-powered output
■ Improved accuracy with Dynalarity ±0.2% available
■ Wide selection of pressure ranges available
■ Turndown 3:1
■ Configurations available...Details

Dynisco 1490 – 5 Digit 1/8 DIN Panel Indicator

Category : In Mold Labeling Injection Molding Machines

• Universal input
• 2 alarm outputs
• Retransmission
• Min/max valuehold
• Modbus communications
• Transmitter power supplyDetails

High Performance Pressure Transducers

Category : Indicators and Sensors

ll Scale Pressure Range 0-100 thru 0-100K PSIS (0-6.89 thru 0-6894 bar) Accuracy (RSS) (BFSL Non-Linearity, Hysteresis, Non-Repeatability) 0-300 PSI thru 0-15K PSI Ranges±0.20% FSO ( ±0.15% FSO...Details

Dynisco BenchMark™ Sensors: PTx, MDx, SPX, and Guardian Series

Category : Inspecting and Testing Equipment

Benchmark is our flagship sensor line, renowned for reliability, precision, and long life. Offering ± 0.15% to ± 0.5% combined error, simple installation, and repeatability, the Benchmark line incl...Details

Barometric Pressure Transmitter

Category : Indicators and Sensors

Viatran's pressure sensor is among our most accurate pressure transmitters for industrial test and research applications. Measures barometric pressure from 25" to 32" HgA with Improved Accura...Details

SPX-2 Series

Category : Inspecting and Testing Equipment

Smart 4-20mA pressure transmitters designed for use in hazardous locations and are available with a variety of different process and electrical connections.Details