Slitters for Flat yarn

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Film Slitting Extension Machine

Category : Slitters and Rewinders

This slitting extension machine is located in front and rear of a film slitting extension machine, which is used to slit a HDPE film and extend, then yarns are fed directly to the film slitting ext...Details

Bale Net

Category : Industrial Knitting Machines

Raschel Knitting Machines, Blown Film, Bale NetDetails

Raschel Knitting Machine SR-RF series

Category : Industrial Knitting Machines

SR-RF series is more flexible than ever, no limitation in yarns. This new model is equipped with both round yarn and flat yarn let-of systems (beam and Slitting & Extension Machine) in one mach...Details

Slitting And Extension Machine SE-120-N2

Category : Slitters and Rewinders

Slitting and extension machine is progressive flat yarn feeding equipment for knitting machine which instead of traditional yarn feeding mode like creel or beam. The material is PE film which has n...Details

Shade Net with Flat Yarn

Category : Industrial Knitting Machines

Shade Net with Flat YarnDetails

Raschel Knitting Machine SR-R series

Category : Industrial Knitting Machines

Model SR-R series is Single needle bed Raschel knitting machine which design for making the Round yarn (mono yarn) in all different kind of raw material, for example Nylon, PE, PP etc. The control ...Details