Micro Computer Controllers

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Process Controller ATC990

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The ATC990 with a graphical/text LCD display is a universal input
process controller with advanced functionality including Trend views
as well as Digital Inputs, USB and data logging ...Details

Micro Processor Controllers

Category : Control Equipment

ARICO - The Best Solution Of Micro Processor Controllers
ARICO Technology and worldwide's rubber and plastic injection industry manufacturers have cultivated a long and stable co-operat...Details

Central Control Station

Category : Control Equipment

SCCS series German made SIEMENS PLC controller with best design and powerful functions, it can efficiently control the system of dust cleaning, material conveying, alarming etc. The system has stro...Details

Central Material Distribution Station

Category : Control Equipment

One set of central material distribution station can control 13 material sources and 13 terminals at most, which enables the configuration of one material to any terminal.Details