Tube Extrusion Coating Machine

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Computerized 6 Color Printing, Coating & Drying Machine PCD-80-06-UV

Category : Extrusion Coating Machines

For UV lacquer, special UV oven is required, which is equipped with rapid drying mechanism to produce tubes with glossier surface. We also offer UV & heater oven, which can save electricity and...Details

Computerized 8 Color Printing Coating Drying MachinePCD-80-08H-RE(UV)

Category : Extrusion Coating Machines

Double transferring rollers design. Stopless roller adjustment design. Plate wheel outer finetune mechanism Quick release ink rollers. Printing wheel clean system (200 mm dischargeable) Sleeve Prin...Details

Computerized 8 Color Printing, Coating & Drying Machine - PCD-120-08H

Category : Hot Stamping Machines

Well-devised Ink – transmission system runs well. especially in broad area printing and screen printing . Foldable ink unit is easy to clean . change color and printing plate.Details

Computerized 6 Color Printing, Coating & Drying Machine PCD-80-06-UV-L

Category : Extrusion Coating Machines

For left oven design, there’s no space limit, which benefits tube withdrawing and in-line connection in the future. Transferring tubes automatically can lower blowing noise. This model is equ...Details

Fully Automatic Heading Machine (RIH-40-04 )

Category : Injection Molding Machines by Platen

RIH series makes shoulder for PE tube and laminated tube. It runs fully automatically by touch screen and designs the safety mechanism for operators. There is an orientation system for I-Mark so it...Details

Automatic Accumulator & Transfer Control System

Category : Extrusion Coating Machines

Automatically storage functions. Available to connect with outer diameter control unit, to separate / remove defect tube via conveyor, not into accumulator. Automatically separate / remove tubes wh...Details

Computerized 6 Color Printing, Coating & Drying Machine PCD-80-06-RE

Category : Hot Stamping Machines

Precise index ensures accuracy of every movement. It is easy to disassemble the printing mandrel. Tube feeding system works with detector. Coating mechanism will not move. Without tubes on mandrels...Details