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Plastic Machine Controllers - AR Series

Category : Control Equipment

The integrated innovative wise technology with reliable Distributed Control System contains higher performance. Software combined with State-of-art window screen to provide smart and instinct objec...Details


Category : Control Equipment

The auto tension control is from Italy, Europe, which can automatically control web tensionDetails


Category : Control Equipment

From single parts to complete systems, Always ReliableDetails

“Large Flow” Water Heaters

Category : Control Equipment

STM-WF series "Large Flow" water heaters are used to heat up the mould and maintain temperature, although they can be used in other similar applications. High temperature water from the mould is re...Details

Plastic Machine Controllers - AR Series HMI

Category : Control Equipment

ARICO - The Best Solution Of AR Series - HMI
ARICO Technology and worldwide's rubber and plastic injection industry manufacturers have cultivated a long and stable co-operation relation...Details

"Budget" Series Heaters STM-EB

Category : Control Equipment

STM-(W)-EB series are applicable for heating up the moulds and maintaining temperature, and they also can be used in other similar applications. Firstly, these series adopt different cooling method...Details

Compact Water-type Mold Temperature Controller

Category : Control Equipment

Size decrease 50%!You can place the unit under the molding machine or small place by your need easily.

All functions are the same but become smaller and lighter! You can place the u...Details

Multi Mold Temperature Controller (YMWP)

Category : Control Equipment

Heat Up & Cool Down Your Mold Without Waiting!

YMWP combines a chiller and a mold temperature controller to one. No need to wait or switch either your chiller or your mold temperatu...Details

Four Axis Industrial Robot - SR6IA

Category : Industrial Robots

Widely used in a variety of applications such as grabbing, handling, gluing, and splitting.
Repeated positioning accuracy and dynamic response.
Through the controller and software, th...Details

iMF4.0 Intelligent ManuFactory

Category : Industrial Software

Injection molding machines are used in various industries. In order to support the customers to approach smart production, FCS developed and launched the Industry 4.0 solution for injection molding...Details

Hot Runner Temperature Controller Chassis Seriess - TC5H Series

Category : Control Equipment

Simple designs
Stackable design, installation space saved
The handle can be hidden
Built-in NFB switch
Fan built-in for heat sink
Fast alternative for 230V/380V p...Details

Multi-Cavity Hot Runner Temperature Controller - TC5100

Category : Control Equipment

Adjustable user perspective: 110°~145°
Rack type cabinet design
USB port
NAND Flash 8M +128M
Module section 15A 2 zone / 30A 1 zone
The mo...Details

Software Products and Service System-iNET

Category : Control Equipment

iNet is a complete injection molding machine factory network management solution to help plastic plant production and management. With network connectivity, iNet can be a bridge between management ...Details

Servo Driven Beam Robots - Bomarc Economical Series

Category : Control Equipment

Model: 650/850/950
W : double cut
I : single cut
D: arms (finished arm + material arm)
S : one arm (finished arm)Details

Side Entry Servo-Driven Robots - Falcon Series

Category : Control Equipment

The servo side take-up series is mainly used for the removal of 50-350 tons of rapid prototyping products.
The minimum take-off time is 0.8s, and the full loop is less than 2.6s.
It i...Details

Temperature Controlle and Timing Controller

Category : Hot Runner Systems

Temperature controller, being used in hot runner system, is a device which keeps maintaining the required temperature value for the hot runner system. It consists of temperature control card,circui...Details


Category : Control Equipment

From single parts to complete systems, Always ReliableDetails

Extension Module

Category : Control Equipment

Extension ModuleDetails

Hot Runner Temperature Controller Chassis Series - TC5T

Category : Control Equipment

Single module control two points temperature
Standby/boost Function
Built-in Buzzer
Smart SOFT START function
Manual output in case of temperature sensor unusually

New Energy

Category : Industrial Software

New EnergyDetails

Hot Runner Controller / Multi-Cavity Hot Runner Temperature Controller - TC5200

Category : Control Equipment

The TC5200 multi-cavity hot runner temperature controller. One single temperature controller has 26 to 72 zones and even up to 240 zones in a network. Maintenance operations can be simplified with ...Details

Material Distribution Station

Category : Assembly Systems

The function of material distribution station is to distribute materials to corresponding storage hoppers. There are five models of SMDS series, each equipped with quick couplers, so the loading an...Details

Mold Temperature Controller (YBMI/YBMD)

Category : Control Equipment

Steady controlled temperature makes plastic molding accurate in size and consistent with quality. Accurate mold temperature solves the problem of plastic flow patterns, reducing flow and weld lines...Details

High Degree Water-type Mold Temperature Controller

Category : Control Equipment

Economic and advanced design for high degree is your new choice.

Water-type mold temperature controller (High Degree) do not pollute environment with oil gas that is the best choice...Details

Film Extrusion Molding Machine Auxiliary Solutions

Category : Cooling Equipment / Industrial Chillers

‧ Lower cost
‧ Greater productivity
‧ Better energy efficiency
‧ Better company image
‧ Better working environment
‧ Less material waste and pollution during the ...Details

Rotary Silo

Category : Material Storage

The automatic silo is composed of structural brackets, power units, transmission devices and control devices. It is completely independent and is suitable for material storage of regular disc parts...Details

High Temperature Water Heater STM-PW

Category : Control Equipment

STM-PW series high temp. water heaters are mainly used for mold heating and mold temperature maintaining. Besides, it is also applicable to fields with other similar demands.
Compared with t...Details