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Floor Mounted Auto Vacuum Loader 

The separated design of a blower and a suction hopper with mighty horsepower is suitable for long distance conveying. The flexible combination of one blower with one suction hopper up to four suction hoppers can help you to save space and equipment investment cost. That also keeps your resin away the pollution and extend suction points easily for future need. 

  • TA series  

Easy use by a quiet and powerful induction motor. The motor cabinet can be placed on the floor for convenient operation and the suction hopper on the hopper dryer for easy installation.  

  • TB series 

Use the same commutator motor as the BC series, and separate motor cabinet and suction hopper design as the TA and TC series. Combine the advantages of the hopper mounted and floor mounted loaders. 

  • TC series 

The blowers are belt-driven that are the best choice for silent operation.


Patented Optional Parts

1. Vortex Cyclone (VC): Works with any auto loaders to stop the regrinded resin from discharging to the surrounding area. 

2. Filter Set: Optional equipment from YANN BANG is perfect for dust-free of indoor working place. To do the filter routine maintenance is so easy without dirtying your hands and place. Unload the filter set without opening the cover until move to the please you want to clean. 

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