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It is an important accessory for the twin screw extruder. Prior to entering the pelletizer, the plastic or rubber strip is already cooled and dried via a PSK water cooling bath.
The PSH strand pelletizer has a hardened alloy cutting blade with an intricate design to prolong blade life time by reduce vibration and noise. Moreover, these popular models has the best feature of pellet size controller. 
This series is water proof, self-draining and easy to clean, maintain and operate.
The blade of the PSH series strand pelletizer is fully enclosed in a protective enclosure during operation. There are also emergency stop buttons to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment.
Model PSH05 PSH10 PSH15 PSH20B PSH25B
Throughput (kg/hr) 2~20 150~200 350 350~600 1200
Motor Power (kW) 1.5 2.25 3.75 5.5 & 7.5~11.2 3.75 & 11
Knife Material SKD11 TCT SKD/TCT TCT TCT
Knife Dimension (mm) Ø108 Ø156 Ø156 Ø156 Ø165
Size of Opening (mm) 40 200 200 200 350
Pellet Length (mm) 3 3 3 3 2.5~4