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It is also an important accessory for the twin screw extruder. It can handle most plastic and rubber materials, especially the low hardness type. The PSF series water ring pelletizer has a vertical cutting blade which is in contact with the flat surface of the die plate.
Additionally, the water-cooled blade is kept at a low temperature to prevent sticking of the pellets.
The cutting blade also has a variable speed controller to control the size of pellets and ensure surface quality. 
The PSF water ring pelletizer can also be used in conjunction with the PSL centrifugal dryer to complete the pelletizing process.
Model PSF08 PSF20 PSF35 PSF60
Throughput (kg/hr) 12~80 40~250 110~700 1200
Motor Power (kW) 2.25 2.25 3.75 7.5
Knife Max Speed (rpm) 3450 2500 2500 2500
Q’ty of Knives 2 or 4 2 or 4 2 or 4 2 or 4
Heater Power (kW) 1.43 4.35 6 8.4
Die (hole x dia.) 6 x Ø3.5 20 x Ø3.0 48 x Ø3.0 132 x Ø3.5