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Its design is based on Sino-Alloy’s years of experience. The PSB feeder has a large feeding screw chamber for a smooth flow of the feeding material.
Screw options include intermeshed, non-intermeshed, T type, and single-flight screws, which can be swapped easily and quickly to match the feeding material.
The advantages of the intermeshed type screw pairs are powerful displacement right-angle conveying, self cleaning of the screws, high feed volume, and stable feeding.
Its aeration property is especially suited for powder, moist, low coefficient of friction, or mixed type plastic feeding materials.
The deeper and wider groove from a single flight conveyor, T type, or non-intermeshed screw is more suited for particulate, flake, fiber or powder feeding. Sino-Alloy can also tailor the design of this feeder to match extruders from other manufacturers.
Customers can also specify options such as premix, vibrate, preheat or cooling to suit production demands.
Model PSB18 PSB25A PSB39A PSB70 PSB92
Throughput (kg/hr) 2~15 16~100 65~400 80~1200 160~1600
Motor Power (kW) 0.12 0.75 1.5 2.25 5.5
Screw Speed (rpm) 6~58 20~185 20~200 28~218 28~218
Screw Diameter (mm) Ø17.4 Ø24 Ø39 Ø70 Ø92
Hopper Volume (L) 5 50 90 90 150