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Its design is based on Sino-Alloy’s years of experience. The PSA feeder has a large feeding screw chamber for a smooth flow of the feeding material.
A screw style conveyor has the advantage of versatility in terms of matching the screw to the feeding material. Options are: standard double flight screw conveyor, single flight screw conveyor, T type screw conveyor and spring type screw conveyor. All of these are easy to swap.
Sino-Alloy can also tailor the design of the PSA feeder to match extruders from other manufacturers.
Customers can also specify options such as premix, vibrate, preheat or cooling to suit production demands.
Model PSA16 PSA32 PSA60
Throughput (kg/hr) 0.5~10 5~30 80~800
Motor Power (kW) 0.09 0.75 2.2
Screw Speed (rpm) 6~58 18~116 19~117
Screw Diameter (mm) Ø16 Ø32 Ø60
Hopper Volume (L) 5 10 125