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In order to improve the flow smoothness of the strand die, Sino-Alloy has brought in special 3D simulation software to help design the die. Precision machining of the parts and the careful selection of materials is part of the process of making the most appropriate strand die.
The PSZ strand die has optimized flow design and temperature balance to achieve ease of cleaning, durability, and a smooth flow of material. Furthermore, Sino-Alloy can also help to design or improve strand dies from other manufacturers.
Model PSZ20 PSZ30 PSZ50 PSZ72 PSZ92
Die (hole x dia.) 2 x Ø3 4 x Ø4 6 x Ø4 21 x Ø4 35 x Ø4
Heater Power (kW) 0.6 1.8 1.85 3.0 8.35
Heater Type Heating Shell
Melt Resin Thermometer Actual melt temp.