How to Boost Your Plastic Business Sustainability with POLYSTAR Recycling Machines?

Operating in the plastic industry requires consciousness of economic and environmental sustainability in favor of your business and the globe. Whether you are a professional recycler or plastic manufacturer investing in a stable plastic recycling machine can carry your business to a greener future. Read more to see which POLYSTAR recycling machine solution is the best fit for you.

HCI Provides Latest Technology of Medical Sterilization Pouch / Reel Making Machine

Global demand for medical packaging continues to grow, quality standard expected of the sterile pouches/ reels also set to increase and become more stringent. HCI is aware of this trend and has since collaborated with MNCs to make critical changes to its medical pouch making machine to meet this new standard. More operator oriented features, stable and reliable machine with more precise temperature control are the key. 

JING-DAY: Customized Rubber Injection Machines for Highly Specialized Applications

Research, mold making, and production can be considered as critical processes in rubber molding technology. Jing-Day Machinery, originating from Taiwan, has accumulated over 40 years of knowledge and expertise in rubber and silicone molding since its establishment in 1983. This expertise allows them to excel in crucial technologies, enabling them to develop various specialized machinery and equipment for clients across a wide spectrum of industries.

A Successful PET Bottle Recycling Project by BORETECH in Asia

In Asia, the rPET industry is gradually emerging and has received support and attention from the governments. With the increasing global emphasis on environmental protection and commitment to sustainable development, the widespread use of rPET can help reduce plastic waste in landfills and the demand for virgin polyester. Some of Asia governments have adopted a series of policy measures to promote the development of the rPET industry, including environmental regulations, incentives, awareness raising, and international cooperation.

Fully Electric 4 Diehead Double Station with 3 layers Extrusion Blow Moulding Machine for HDPE Lubrication oil Bottle

Fully Electric 4 Diehead Double Station with 3 layers Extrusion Blow Moulding Machine for HDPE Lubrication oil Bottle Power Saving with more than 30~50% (by different cycle time) Silence with no hydraulic oil leaking, clean, and high speed moving Lower Power Consumption with lower Carbon footprint Available with remote service system

5 Advantages of POLYSTAR for Your Plastic Recycling and Blown Film Businesses

As a leading manufacturer in the plastic industry, more than 4950 POLYSTAR plastic recycling machines and blown film extruders are operating in 110 countries today. This is a result of our satisfied customers, who have experienced the advantages of using POLYSTAR machines for their businesses. Here we have listed 5 of those advantages that are most pointed out based on our customers' feedback.

Top 3 Advantages of Plastic Pallet Injection Molding machine

Plastic pallet injection molding machines are changing a revolution in industry. The conventional concept of wooden pallet is being replaced with the plastic pallet injection machine. Also, the emergence of new plastic pallet machines to change the traditional concept of the pallet can not only increase the production efficiency but also reduce the space occupied and be friendly to the environment.

FCS Innovative Model GENTREX - Master the Code for the Path to Net Zero Emissions

Global warming and climate change have made net-zero carbon emissions a global and common issue. Faced with high carbon emissions, companies propose that ESG should clarify the net zero trajectory and action path to achieve the set goals. Driven by this wave, many equipment, process and material manufacturers are making active efforts in response to the new opportunities brought by this transformation. Manufacturers need to achieve consumer preferences for product appearance refinement and shape, meet environmental protection and safety standards for materials, and consider energy saving, clean, high yield, easy recovery and other conditions and input costs in the production process, so they are faced with multiple challenges.

Tung Yu: Your One-Stop Service for Hydraulic Presses and Conveyor Belt Production Lines, Ranging from 5 Tons to 13,000 Tons.

Tung Yu offer a diverse range of products, spanning from 5-ton hydraulic presses to 13,000-ton conveyor belt production lines. Our services extend to comprehensive One-Stop Shopping for our customers. Our product lineup encompasses Compression Molding Machines, Rubber and Liquid Silicon Injection Molding Machines, Conveyor Belt Vulcanizing Machines, Tire Molding Machines, and Retreading and Solid Tire Molding Machines.

Pre-registration for Plastics & Rubber Indonesia 2023 Now Open!

The highly anticipated Plastics & Rubber Indonesia Exhibition is coming up soon! From 15 - 18 November 2023 at Jakarta International Expo (JIEXPO), Indonesia. By pre-registering, visitors will have early access to the exhibition's show floor maps, exhibitor list, and schedule. Plus, it's a great way to save time and avoid long queues when you arrive at the event. This exhibition will showcase the latest products and technology innovations in the plastics and rubber industry.

CPRJ Packaging Conference Drives Sustainability and Innovation Forward

The emerging consumption trends are changing the development of the plastic packaging industry, and also the enterprises in the industry. At the same time, circular economy and carbon neutrality continue to be the megatrends. The 11th Edition CPRJ Plastics in Packaging Conference and Showcase kicked off today (3 August) in Shanghai, China to further promote the innovation and sustainable development of the plastic packaging industry.

Pioneering Sustainability: Taiwan Kinki Machinery Eco-Friendly Vertical Injection Molding Machines

By 1979, the government decided to support significantly heavy industry like electrical engineering and machinery manufacture, with the support and the excellent foundation of Taiwanese craftsmanship, plastic and rubbery machinery took a significant leap in the 1980s. Many well-known Taiwanese manufacturers began their business around this time, including Taiwan Kinki Machinery.