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Genius Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 1975. For over forty years of experience in plastic recycling machine, we have dedicated to putting the innovations into practice to satisfy the needs of customers. Genius specializes in plastic recycling machinery which covers from plastic pelletizer, plastic washing plant, plastic crusher, plastic shredder to plastic recycling plant design and planning.

Innovative Technology

Our team pursues growth, excellence and environmental protection. Our professional R&D team has paid the unmatched attention to product quality and durability. Genius always meets the demands of customers with the latest design technology. 
Experienced staff and state of the art processing technology are our strength which tells the difference between us and others. At Genius, we master welding and drilling skills which are essential parts of production.

Global Vision

Our target customers are not only in Taiwan, but also worldwide. We aim to embrace the customers from all over the globe and build enduring relationship with our clients. Our export destinations include United States, Europe, South Africa, Egypt, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Saudi-Arabia, Japan, Algeria and so on. We will keep expanding our horizon and let the world see the pride of Taiwan, the excellent technology, reputation and quality. 

Global agents

Vietnam Vietnam
Taiwan Taiwan
Turkey Turkey
Thailand Thailand
Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia
Philippines Philippines
Malaysia Malaysia
South Korea South Korea
Cambodia Cambodia
Japan Japan
Iraq Iraq
India India
Indonesia Indonesia
China China
Armenia Armenia
United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates
United States United States
Mexico Mexico
Canada Canada
Colombia Colombia
Chile Chile
Romania Romania
Poland Poland
Georgia Georgia
Denmark Denmark
Czech Republic Czech Republic
Belarus Belarus
New Zealand New Zealand
Australia Australia
South Africa South Africa
Nigeria Nigeria
Ethiopia Ethiopia
Egypt Egypt
Algeria Algeria

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Contact person: Peter Tsai
Country: Taiwan
Address: 43444, No.10-5, Tianzainei Ln., Sangang Rd., Longjing Dist., Taichung City , Taiwan
Telephone: 886-4-2630-1621
Fax: 886-4-2630-1716

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