Two Stage Hopper Feeding Plastic Recycling Machine (Hi Series)

Classification : Plastic Recycling Machine
Country: Taiwan
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Fax: 886-4-2630-1716
Contact Person: Peter Tsai
Economically Selection
A valuable selection for clean materials, without pre-heating section for feeding device, this reduces the power consumption. The axle made by special steel with heat treatment. More tenacity and allows the materials to be fed sequence stably and also anti-bridging.

Unrivaled Degassing
Up to triple optional degassing zones equipped with vacuum pump. Maximize the degassing efficiency.

Exhaust-Free Construct
The unique development of two-stage extruder. A completely enclosed flow design, which prevents the molten polymer from releasing smoke.

Better Flexibility

Genius recycling specialist team provides customized recycling systems, flexible options from sorting, feeding, degassing, filtration, to storage and packing systems. According to the clients’ needs presenting a smart and reliable plant.

Cost Saving
Energy cost saves up to 10%. Labor cost is reduces as only 1~2 operators are needed to operate the whole plant.

Model H-DFC-100i H-DFC-125i H-DFC-150i H-DFC-175i
H-SPR-100i H-SPR- 125i H-SPR-150i H-SPR-175i
Force feeding motor 5HP 7½ HP 7½ HP 7½ HP
Extrusion capacity 200-300 kg/hr 300-450kg/hr 450-600 kg/hr 700~900 kg/hr
Main extruder Screw diameter Φ100 mm Φ125 mm Φ150 mm Φ175 mm
Motor 125HP 150HP 200HP 350HP
Sub extruder Screw diameter Φ115 mm Φ135 mm Φ165 mm Φ185 mm
Motor 50HP 60HP 75HP 100HP
Hydraulic screen changer motor 5 HP 5 HP 7½ HP 10 HP
Vibrating screener Motor 1/4HP x 2 pcs 1/4HP x 2 pcs 1/4HP x 2 pcs 1/2HP x 2 pcs
Blower motor 3HP 5HP 7 1/2HP 10HP
Silo capacity 600 L 800 L 800 L 1000 L
  1. Our screw is made of wear resistance materials. Ensure the longevity of product life.
  2. Extruder is equipped with pressure sensors. Pressure sensor will give notification of changing filter screen as necessary automatically. User-friendly.
  3. Bottle fragments, rigid and dried materials are preferable.
  4. Smooth running of the machine

Strand pelletizing

Mainly designed for high viscosity materials.
Individually extruded strands will be cooled down in a water cooling tank and then be cut by a pellet cutter.

Hot Die Face pelletizing

Compared to strand pelletizing, it saves labor cost of drawing strand.
Hot die face pelletizing system is a universal joint design. Dust-free.
Die face cutting makes perfect unity of plastic pellets.

PET, PP, PS, PE, ABS, HIPS and more. Suitable for rigid materials, including crushed bottles, crushed industrial waste, and injection materials

Industrial Waste
Rigid Waste
Washed Bottles

Washed Greenhouse Films
Washed Plastic Vehicle Parts
Washed WEEE Waste Electrical Equipment