Two Stage Cutter Compactor Plastic Recycling Machine (KRIEGERi Series)

Classification : Plastic Recycling Machine
Country: Taiwan
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Main extruder Screw Φ100 mm Φ125 mm Φ135 mm Φ150 mm Φ175 mm
Drive 125HP 


Sub extruder Screw Φ125 mm Φ155 mm Φ155 mm Φ165 mm Φ200 mm
Drive 40HP


Compactor drive 75HP
Output (kg / hr) 300 ~ 400 ↑ 450 ~ 600 ↑ 650 ~ 850 ↑ 700 ~ 800 ↑ 900 ~ 1100 ↑

Compacting & feeding
The high speed compactor creates superior efficiency friction heat to compact the fluffy materials. Removed moisture during processed. Increase the highest throughputs for more productivity.

Multiple Cooling
Triple cooling sections – air cooling system, compactor body water cooling system and water spraying system. The operator can set the temperature of each to stably control the compactor’s temperature.

Unrivaled Degassing
Up to triple optional degassing zones equipped with vacuum pump. Maximize the degassing efficiency.

Exhaust-Free Construct
The unique development of two-stage extruder. A completely enclosed flow design, which prevents the molten polymer from releasing smoke.

Better Flexibility

Genius recycling specialist team provides customized recycling systems, flexible options from sorting, feeding, degassing, filtration, to storage and packing systems. According to the clients’ needs presenting a smart and reliable plant.

Cost Saving
Energy cost saves up to 20%. Labor cost is reduces as only 1~2 operators are needed to operate the whole plant.

  1. Durability
    The screw is made of wear resistance materials ensuring the longevity of product life.
  2. Energy Saving
    German compact motor gear saves energy up to 20%.
  3. High value product
    Finished plastic pellets must be of uniform size. The pellets with high quality are more favorable for reusing in all kinds of extruders and injectors.
  4. Space Saving
    Cutter compactor recycling machine integrates shredding, extruding and pelletizing into one machine. Without water cooling tank, the integrated recycling system takes less space.
  5. Efficiency Enhancement
    The extruder is equipped with automatic pressure sensor. When pressure is excessive, warning light or buzzer will notify us of changing filter screen. 
    Genius uses dual hydraulic screen changers with dual pistons to keep the machine operating even when replacing the filter screen. It can efficiently increase overall throughput and reduce the happening of waste.

PET, PP, OPP, BOPP, HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, ABS, HIPS and etc. Especially for plastic films, foam, woven, raffia, wash & squeezed films, flakes, materials with water content and post-consumer waste materials

Expanded Foaming Materials
Non-Woven Fabric

Post-consumer Bags
Washed Films
Washed Plastic Raffia