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Increasingly Feeding
The force side feeding device creates a very stable feeding flow. With stable feeding, the main screw is always fully loaded with materials, which ensures the highest output performance. Increase the output capacity by up to 50%.

Unrivaled Degassing
Up to triple optional degassing zones equipped with vacuum pump. Maximize the degassing efficiency.

Exhaust-Free Construct
The unique development of two-stage extruder. A completely enclosed flow design, which prevents the molten polymer from releasing smoke.

Better Flexibility

Genius recycling specialist team provides customized recycling systems, flexible options from sorting, feeding, degassing, filtration, to storage and packing systems. According to the clients’ needs presenting a smart and reliable plant.

Increase the output capacity up to 50%. Labor cost is reduces as only 1~2 operators are needed to operate the whole plant.

Model RECO-100i RECO-125i RECO-135i RECO-150i RECO-175i
Main Extruder Screw Ø100 mm Ø125 mm Ø135 mm Ø150 mm Ø175 mm
Main Extruder Drive 125HP (94KW) 175HP (131KW) 200HP (150KW) 250HP (188KW) 300HP (225KW)
Sub Extruder Screw Φ125mm Φ155mm Φ155mm Φ165mm Φ200mm
Sub Extruder Drive 40HP(30KW) 75HP(56KW) 100HP(75KW) 100HP(75KW) 150HP(113KW)
Output 300 ~ 400 ↑ kg / hr 450 ~ 600 ↑ kg / hr 650 ~ 850 ↑ kg / hr 700 ~ 800 ↑ kg / hr 900 ~ 1100 ↑ kg / hr
  1. The screw is made of wear resistance materials. Extend product durability.
  2. Plastic films, clean and wet materials are preferable.
  3. Low-noise operation and stable processing

Strand pelletizing

Strand pelletizing is suitable for high viscosity materials.
Individually extruded strands will be cooled down in a water cooling tank and then be cut by a pellet cutter.

Hot Die Face pelletizing 

Die-face pelletizing is expected to reduce manpower cost.
Pelletizing knife is an automatic adjustment design assuring a precise modification of the blades.
Die face cutting ensures high quality plastic pellets.

PET, PP, PS, PE, ABS, HIPS and more. Suitable for plastic rigid materials, including crushed bottles, crushed industrial waste.

HDPE Milk Bottles
Washed Chemical Drums
Washed Films

Washed PET Drink Bottles
Washed Plastic Raffia
Washed WEEE Waste Electrical Equipment